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NeuroScience Center Bryan Robinson Endowment

Previous Research
2012 Applicants

Briana Carroll
School: FSU
Topic: Cannabinoid Receptor Expression in Chick Nucleus Magnocellularis and Role in Deafferentation-Induced Apoptosis

Matthew D’Allesandro
School: FSU
Topic: BTRCP1/2 play critical roles in the circadian clock mechanism

Samuel Eckrich
School: FSU
Topic: Cholinergic contributions to risky decision-making in rats

Molly Foote
School: FSU
Topic: Schizophrenia-Related Abnormalities in the 14-3-3 Functional Knockout Mice

Jenna McHenry
School: FSU
Topic: Neural mechanisms of social stress buffering and anxiolysis

Deborah Morris
School: FSU
Topic: Monitoring Edema and Cellular Metabolism in Ethanol and Trauma-Induced Brain Injury by Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 21 Tesla.

Gina O’Neal-Moffitt
School: FSU
Topic: Melatonin’s Neuroprotection in an Alzheimer Brain

Andrea Stathopoulos
School: FSU
Topic: Elucidating the Control of Prolactin Release

Vinita Chittoor
School: UF
Topic: Understanding and evaluating the potential of chaperone (HS) pathway in treatment of peripheral neuropathies

Mark DeAndrade
School: UF
Topic: Pathophysiology and Animal Models of Restless Legs Syndrome

Sarah Guadiana
School: UF
Topic: Towards understanding the relationship between ciliogenesis defects and hyperexcitability in the cerebral cortex.

Past Years