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Rehabilitation Center Pediatric Rehabilitation Services

Services and More Information
Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy
Our focus is to assist you in teaching your child to become a successful communicator and to be an independent language learner. Areas to develop may include:

  • Articulation: Pronouncing sounds
  • Language comprehension: Listening and understanding vocabulary
  • Expressive language: Using words, sentences and gestures to convey ideas
  • Social communication: Sharing experiences with peers
  • Play skills: Exploring and learning about the world
  • Reading and writing skills: Achieving academic success
  • Thinking skills: Improving attention span, memory and encouraging problem solving
  • Fluent speech: Minimize stuttering
  • Healthy voice: Minimize hoarseness and vocal strain
  • Safe eating and drinking: Promote normal chewing and swallowing

Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Our focus is to assist you and your child in the development of skills that lead to independence in self-help, play, academic and social areas. This may include:

  • Promoting fine motor coordination and handwriting skills
  • Promoting oral-motor development and eating skills
  • Promoting age-appropriate independence in daily living skills
  • Facilitating normal development
  • Instructing caregivers about development, play or physical handling of the infant
  • Promoting normal responses to sensory input including touch, movement, sight and sound

Pediatric Physical Therapy
Our focus is helping infants and children achieve the mobility that is needed to play, explore and function as easily and independently as possible in their everyday lives. Children want and need to move through their world. Our goal is to use our expertise of motor development skills along with an understanding of the nervous system and growing body to help children achieve independent movement or recover from an injury or illness that has made movement less efficient.

Music Therapy and the Arts in Medicine
TMH has a nationally recognized, research-based music therapy program that provides musical activities and counseling to enhance the social, communication and motor development of your child. Arts in Medicine uses interactions with patients in visual arts, theater, music, literature, art and dance to enhance the environment of the hospital. Music Therapy and Arts in Medicine, in conjunction with Florida State University, are available on a limited basis for Pediatric Outpatient Rehabilitation Services.

To learn more about babies and music therapy visit:

Our Certifications
Certifications Held by Pediatric Therapists at TMH:

  • Neonatal Oral Motor Assessment
  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment
  • Infant Massage
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Sensory Integration Praxis Tests
  • VitalStim

A referral is required for patients to receive pediatric rehabilitation services. Talk to your child’s pediatrician about receiving a referral. Pediatric Rehabilitation Services are coordinated by our therapists and often with local children’s agencies and providers within the community.