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Neuroscience Center Traumatic Brain Injury Advocacy Group

My Blog - Chas Wheeler
March 2009
To know and learn about Brain Injury

One thing that is very important after an individual receives a brain injury, is for the individual, and their close support team of people, to learn about brain injury.

Talking with staff within the hospital about the effects (primary and secondary) of brain injury, reading medical statements about brain injury, and reading books about others who have had brain injury can help the person with brain injury as they move forward in their life after the injury.

I, my amazing parents, and my amazing sister did learn a lot about brain injury after the accident to help my abilities to move forward . I was working in hospitals before my accident, and my family has always been involved in hospital settings, but reading about brain injury and possible effects, gave us more information to be able to deal with different things that have come in my life since the accident. This included things like the need and availability for support, assistance, accommodations, insurance, etc.

Also, while reading, finding out, and moving forward in life after a brain injury, interaction with others with brain injury can also help the individual and their close support team. Many times, it could feel like you are always different from everybody else, and this is not easy. But talking to others with brain injury brings the feelings that you are not alone, and they know how you are feeling and what you have to deal with. It allows you to better talk about the things you have to deal with, and it can give you some ideas about how you can deal with some of your difficulties. This can definitely help you with brain injury, and it also can assist the support team in your life by seeing and talking to others who give everything to help others with brain injury.

In the hospitals I was in after my accident, and during rehab, I and my family got to speak with others who had, and continue to deal with brain injury. It always helped my parents to know others and their families dealing with the injury. For me, knowing and being with others who have had brain injury has, and continues, to help and fulfill my life.

So with brain injury, you who have the brain injury, and close support networks (family, friends, etc.) can find out, talk to others, and move forward.

Always move forward, you never have to stop.