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Women and Children Services

The Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center
The Tallahassee Memorial Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center is the only breast health center in the Big Bend Region that provides a full array of diagnostic and support services for the detection and treatment of breast cancer. We are dedicated to providing leading-edge technology and guidance that women need for breast cancer-related issues. Services available at the Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center include:

Digital Mammography
The Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center offers digital mammograms in a warm environment with the comfort of Mammopad® -- a soft, foam pad that creates a cushion between you and the mammography machine.

Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling
For those at increased risk of cancer, a professional counselor trained in genetics will assess your risk and help you understand and evaluate your options.

Early Diagnosis Breast Cancer Counseling
For recently diagnosed women, a licensed counselor, who is also a registered nurse, helps you understand your treatment options and provides guidance and resources to help you make decisions.

Patient Navigator
Caring professionals are available to assist with coordination and scheduling of tests, surgery and therapies in collaboration with your treatment team.

Image Recovery
Personal fittings for breast forms and mastectomy undergarments are performed in a private and comfortable setting.

The Tallahassee Memorial Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center provides mammography and patient navigator services at 1401 Centerville Road, Suite 700, which is in the Professional Office Building adjacent to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Parking is available in the hospital's main parking deck. Image recovery and counseling services are provided at a Woman’s Place at 1301 East Sixth Avenue.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center at (850) 431- LIFE (5433).

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the differences between digital and film based mammography?

Positioning and compression of the breasts are identical in both a film and a digital mammography examination. Standard film mammography is also similar to digital mammography in that x-rays are used to produce an image of the breast, but digital mammography uses less radiation.

While standard mammogram images are recorded on large sheets of photographic film, digital images are captured electronically and viewed on a computer monitor. They are stored on a computer and their magnification, brightness and contrast can be changed after the examination to help the doctor more clearly see certain areas. Digital mammography images can also become a part of a patient’s electronic medical record.

Is digital mammography more accurate?

Overall, film and digital mammography are equally accurate, according to a study published on the New England Journal of Medicine’s web site on September 16, 2005.* However, the study’s preliminary findings indicate that digital mammography may be better than conventional film mammography at detecting breast cancer in certain groups of women, such as women with dense breasts, women under age 50 and women who are pre-and peri-menopausal. We encourage you to discuss the advantages of digital mammography with your physician.

I need a diagnostic mammogram for a suspected lump. Can I schedule this with TMH?

If you need a diagnostic mammogram because of a suspected lump, it is important that you schedule your mammogram as soon possible. Your doctor can provide you with a referral to a provider who currently provides diagnostic mammography services.

Who was Sharon Ewing Walker?

Sharon was a Tallahassee resident who was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996. After initial successful treatment, the cancer returned in 2002 and ultimately claimed her life in 2005. Throughout her battle with cancer, she displayed energy and spirit that was an inspiration to all who knew her. Now, less then a year later, Sharon’s family and friends have made gifts in her memory that have made it possible for Tallahassee Memorial to obtain a digital mammography unit for our community.

How do I make a gift to the Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center?

If you are interested in making a gift to the Sharon Ewing Walker Breast Health Center, call the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Foundation at (850) 431-5389.

* New England Journal Of Medicine Web Site: