Patient Stories

At Tallahassee Memorial, each patient has a story to tell. A reason they are with us. Sharing these stories with the community allows us to show off the great care that we provide.

We are changing lives every day. Babies are born, lives are restored through technology and some are changed through traumatic events. Regardless of the situation, our colleagues are working every day to ensure we are ready for anything that comes our way.

"Clary Strong"
For Clary Bateman, the last four years of her life have been a constant reminder of how far we can be pushed and the strength we’re capable of. Read More >
Brittney Mayfield's Story
Hear Brittney's story and experience in the area's only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Read More >
Deborah Clark's Story
Several times a week Deborah's heart would suddenly begin to race, and she would become short of breath and feel faint. Read More >
Lisa Cox's Story
Being a triathlete, Lisa Cox had always lived a pretty healthy lifestyle.  Read More >
Russ Marsh's Story
Three years ago, Rush Marsh was serving the match point of a tennis match when he suffered a massive heart attack. Read More >
Joe Mills's Story
Joe Mills has cheated death twice -- once during World War II and again when doctors at TMH replaced his aortic valve. Read More >
Remission Day
At the TMH Cancer Center, we have one goal in mind, your remission. Read More >

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