Patient Stories

At Tallahassee Memorial, each patient has a story to tell. A reason they are with us. Sharing these stories with the community allows us to show off the great care that we provide.

We are changing lives every day. Babies are born, lives are restored through technology and some are changed through traumatic events. Regardless of the situation, our colleagues are working every day to ensure we are ready for anything that comes our way.

Kellie's Story
After a boating accident in the Bahamas, Kellie became tangled in a razor sharp coral reef. Read More >
Josh's Story
A happy 7-year-old boy, Joshua Sullivan and his two brothers were enjoying one last getaway with their mom before heading back to school. Read More >
Chuvala Brown
Thanks to the Bariatric Center, patient Chuvala Brown has successfully lost 45 pounds and is proud of the results. Read More >
Jenifer's Story
During a routine physical in June of 2015, 50-year-old Jenifer E. Thorn, PhD wasn’t thinking about the possibility of breast cancer. Read More >
"Clary Strong"
For Clary Bateman, the last four years of her life have been a constant reminder of how far we can be pushed and the strength we’re capable of. Read More >

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