Women's Pavilion Patient Stories

LisetteLoganLissette Logan

When Lissette Logan found out she was expecting, she knew immediately that she wanted to breastfeed. Her sister, a mother of two, was passionate about the benefits and had found success with breastfeeding after joining a support group in her area.

While her sister lives in Hawaii, Lissette was pleased to learn she could follow suit by joining a local breastfeeding support group offered by Tallahassee Memorial. She and baby Nylah attend the group sessions twice a week and have quickly transcended the challenges breastfeeding can present.

“The support group made all the difference for me,” Lissette says. “Having the lactation consultants and nurses come by in the hospital and supplying a pump to new moms in the hospital shows TMH is focused on supporting breastfeeding.”

For Lissette, it was reassuring to find that the same lactation consultants who visit patients at TMH also lead the breastfeeding support group. 

“They remembered me from the hospital,” she says.

At that point, breastfeeding was still a struggle. Nylah was mostly formula feeding, but Lissette pressed on with the help of the Tallahassee Memorial Breastfeeding Support Group. Now, Nylah no longer wants formula at all.

“It is amazing to have that bond and know you are nourishing your baby. Everything Nylah needs, she gets from me,” says Lissette.

Recognizing the benefits for mothers and babies, TMH has made supporting breastfeeding a special focus throughout the last year. The hospital is pursuing a Baby-Friendly designation through the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, a global recognition program for hospitals and birth centers that provide high quality care for new moms who choose to breastfeed. 

Many positive developments are taking shape as TMH pursues this goal. A newly formed physicians’ advisory group is examining ways TMH can better support breastfeeding. One of the first initiatives of the group, which includes obstetricians and pediatricians, was to develop an alternative giveaway bag without infant formula for new moms who deliver at TMH and have elected to breastfeed.

While TMH currently offers both breastfeeding and formula friendly giveaway bags, eventually only the bag without infant formula will be provided. Other steps on the horizon include specialized training for the staff, including approximately 200 nurses.

“We are pushing ahead to give our patients what is right for them," says Connie Styons, Service Line Administrator for Women’s and Children’s Services.