Events & Classes

Featured Classes

  • Online Childbirth Class
    The Gift of Motherhood E-learning Childbirth Education Program is an alternative for those who cannot attend a conventional childbirth class due to bed rest, scheduling conflicts or time constraints.

Upcoming Classes & Events

  • Breastfeeding with Support
    Family, friends, community members and moms join us for a free opportunity to learn Breastfeeding basics with a certified lactation consultant.
  • Sleep and Athletes
    Join us to learn how sleep can affect athletic performance and how to be aware of the most common sleep problems.
  • Little Ones Music Play
    "Little Ones Music Play" groups are fun, educational and designed to teach your infant new skills in language, motor abilities and cognitive skills...
  • Women's Pavilion Tour
    Our staff will guide you through the Women's Pavilion providing you with information on what to expect during your stay including parking,...
  • Bariatric Surgery Seminar
    Learn more about Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y, Adjustable Laparoscopic Banding and Gastric Sleeve from Dr. Eliot Sieloff.
  • Infant and Child CPR
    The CPR for Family & Friends program teaches rescuers skills in CPR and relief from choking.
  • Joint Adventures
    Learn information about what to do before surgery, what to expect during your stay in the hospital, and how to care for yourself afterwards.
  • Prepared Childbirth
    This five week course will cover stages of labor, positions during labor, breathing & pushing techniques and much more.
  • Fall Prevention
    Join Dr. Hank Hutchinson and Physical Therapist Teresa Hunter to learn how you can prevent falls and fall injuries.
  • Break the Stigma
    We find it important to break the stigma of keeping these issues silenced and talk about things that can alter our daily lives like depression,...