Torticollis Screening Clinic

Does your infant...

  • Prefer to turn their head in the same direction to look or sleep?
  • Tilt their head to the same side each time they are in their car seat?
  • Prefer to nurse or feed on one side more than the other?
  • Have a flat spot on the back or side of their head?

If so, these can be signs of a condition commonly found in newborns called torticollis. When left untreated it can lead to long-term, chronic neck problems. At the Tallahassee Memorial Pediatric Rehabilitation Program, we are proud to provide a free torticollis screening clinic. If you notice these symptoms, we recommend having your infant screened as early as two weeks old through two years old.

Parent must be present at screening. One free screening per infant. No referral required.


Myla Whalquist