Hospitalization Rates and Your Safety

COVID-19 Information

Current Positive Hospitalization Cases:


Total Positive Hospitalization Cases to Date:

Last Updated: 12/2/2020. This information is updated Monday through Friday by 10 am and represents what is accurate at that moment in time. Any changes throughout the day will not be reflected until the following update.

At Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH), we believe in providing transparent, accurate information to our community. We have created this dashboard to ensure you have current information about the number of COVID-19 inpatients currently at TMH as well as how many COVID-19 inpatients we have treated to date.


How We are Keeping Patients, Visitors & Colleagues Safe

When you enter a healthcare facility, whether a clinic or a hospital, you are looking to be healed, not to get sicker. Here at TMH, we remain focused on keeping you safe, especially during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our processes and procedures are constantly evolving as new research and recommendations are released to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are some of the many ways we are keeping our patients, visitors and colleagues safe:

  • Universal mask wearing. That means all of our colleagues, visitors and patients wear masks to limit the spread of germs.
  • Keeping it clean. We expanded our disinfecting efforts, which were already thorough,  to help us fight germs throughout our organization, from clinics to patient rooms and everywhere in between.
  • Screening for symptoms. Every person is screened for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure before they can walk into a TMH facility.
  • Clean hands save lives. We are focused on keeping our hands clean at all times, not just during a pandemic.
  • Testing for Coronavirus. Every patient scheduled for surgery has to have a COVID-19 test and receive a negative result. All patients are evaluated for COVID-19, whether they come into a clinic or are transferred from another facility. If someone meets the criteria, they are placed on isolation protocols in a negative pressure room and tested for the virus.
  • Shining a light on germs. We use ultraviolet light (UV) to zap viruses and bacteria in addition to using disinfectant cleaners throughout the hospital.
  • Isolating COVID-19. If someone needs hospital care for COVID-19, we have dedicated negative pressure spaces to provide compassionate care isolated from other patients.
  • Knowledge is power. Every single colleague, all 5,500+ of us, has been trained on what COVID-19 symptoms are and how to properly screen for them.
  • On the forefront of innovation. Protective face shields created through 3-D printing, large supply of hand sanitizer produced locally, and reusable shields to protect healthcare workers when intubating patients are just some of the creative ways we are expanding our resources to provide safe and effective care for our community.
  • Clinical Research for COVID-19. This is a new coronavirus so medical community has a lot to learn. We are proudly participating in several clinical research opportunities to help prevent and treat COVID-19.
How to Help Our Community 

We are closely monitoring the hospitalization and mortality rates around COVID-19 in our community and expanded region. As a healthcare facility, we have protective measures in place to safely care for patients seeking care for both COVID-related and non-COVID-related issues. As the number of positive cases increases in our community, we know that these patients may need life-saving medical care. We have plans in place to care for a sudden influx of COVID-19 patients and we continue to adapt as this pandemic unfolds in our region.

To manage the COVID-19 outbreak in our community, we need our community’s help to slow the spread of the virus by:

  • Wearing a mask when out in public
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Washing your hands for a full 20 seconds after touching any surface
  • Staying home and calling your healthcare provider to discuss appropriate testing if you experience any symptoms associated with COVID-19
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