It's safe because...


Everyone wears a mask. All of our colleagues, visitors and patients wear masks to limit the spread of germs. This applies to all of our facilities, from the hospital to primary care clinics.


We’re disinfecting and zapping germs. We expanded our disinfecting efforts to clean surfaces more frequently. We use ultraviolet (UV) light systems in clinical areas, like patient rooms.


All clinics and centers are following strict processes. Mandatory temperature checks for anyone entering a building, hospital-grade disinfectants used to clean surfaces and mandatory mask wearing means we are working hard to keep you safe.


Visitors are limited and screened. Loved ones are an important part of a care team. During a pandemic, more visitors also increases the risk of exposure to germs. We have limited our visitors with your safety in mind.


Our surgical patients test negative for coronavirus. In order to have elective surgery at TMH, you are required to test negative for COVID-19.


We are on the forefront of innovation. From our state of the art COVID testing lab established in partnership with Florida State University to expanding our local supply chain of essential supplies, like masks and hand sanitizer, we have been leading the charge for safety in our community.