Patient Stories


Robert Lundy and Dr. MooreLundy_Moore_EDIT2

On February 5, 2013, Robert Lundy was transported to Doctors’ Memorial Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. The 10-year veteran of the Taylor County Sheriff’s department was shot in the abdomen less than five feet away, causing shotgun pellets to hit his liver, colon and lower intestine. Deputy Lundy was brought into our Emergency Room and directly into the operating room, where Dr. Moore began surgery. Dr. Moore was able to get Lundy into stable condition and eventually transferred to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.

We had the opportunity to sit with Deputy Lundy and discuss his feelings towards Dr. Moore and the Doctors’ Memorial Hospital team. While talking with him, he expressed his gratitude and thankfulness for Dr. Moore and DMH. He was very glad there is a place in the Taylor County community to receive help and care. During our conversation Lundy shared his gratitude by saying,
“I was there for them, and Dr. Moore and DMH was there for me. So, I am very grateful for that.”


Other Patient Stories


To the employees of Doctors’ Memorial Hospital,

While traveling to Fort Myers from Liberal, KS I became ill and decided to stop in Perry for the night.  Saturday morning it was evident I was in need of medical attention and arrived at the ER at DMH Saturday morning.  Within a few minutes my wife and I were placed in a room and care started immediately.  The ER folks were friendly and very concerned about my condition and more than willing to help.

Upon admittance to the hospital I was met with a friendly smile and upon entering the room, staff did their absolute best to see I received the best care they had to offer, every one of them!!  I would just say the care I received was “outstanding”.  I enjoyed seeing them come into the room, often just checking, even if it was in the middle of the night.  They always had time to tell me a little about the community or perhaps a little about them self, if I pried a little, while busily going about their work.

I might be 1350 miles from home but I felt among friends, more than willing to extend a caring and welcome hand.  I do not remember all your names but each of you know who you are and I certainly hope your superior’s will take note of my comments and put a little something extra in your paycheck.  They are very lucky to have such willing and dedicated employees.

Again, thanks to each of you for your care, may God bless.


Jim Rice