Early Mobility After Hip and Knee Surgery

Benefits of Early Mobility After Surgery

At Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, we understand the benefit of early mobility after surgery. Not only does it help to increase circulation, increases muscle tone, coordination and independence but it also improves gastrointestinal and pulmonary functions and helps to prevent blood clots.

Tallahassee Memorial Orthopedic Center

The Tallahassee Memorial Orthopedic Center offers surgical joint repairs and replacements, post-operative care and inpatient rehabilitation services. With more than 20 high-skilled orthopedic surgeons, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has been awarded a Certification of Distinction, by the Joint Commission, in the management of joint replacement for both the hip and knee programs.

We’re One Step Ahead of You

In the past, most orthopedic surgical procedures required large incisions, lengthy hospital stays and weeks of recovery. Today, the use of small viewing scopes and much smaller surgical instruments has transformed the way that many surgical procedures are performed, particularly joint replacement surgery. We're one step ahead of you. At TMH, you can now walk the same day after receiving hip and knee surgery!

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