How to Review Documents


All research documents assigned for review are available through Iris, the TMH IRB’s web-based submission program. 

Access Iris

Registration for Iris

In order to access your assigned reviews, you will need to set up a sign on.  Your user ID will be your first initial and last name; and your initial password is (Default), which will prompt you to set up a permanent password.

Reviewer’s Resources

Iris has developed the following resources to assist in your review: 

Reviewer Dashboard

Iris Sandbox

The Sandbox works like the real Iris program; however, the research does not get processed or reviewed.  It is available to you to learn how to use Iris and practice in a “test” environment.  The registration process is the same but you access the Sandbox through a different link:

Access Iris Sandbox

Iris Technical Support

If you are having technical issues with Iris, please contact the IRB office (850 431 5676) for assistance.  If the IRB staff cannot help, we will contact the IRIS support staff.