Know Your Numbers

checkupUnderstanding your risk for chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity and diabetes is paramount to understanding the status of your health.

Knowing your key health indicators - blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, body mass index (BMI) and weight - can give you a baseline from which to start on your health journey. Knowing these numbers and keeping up with recommended screenings can help you control, or even prevent, chronic diseases. Visiting your primary care physician each year is an easy way to ensure you know your numbers and are up to date on your screenings. Find a primary care physician.

The TMH for LIFE Challenge also has free health fairs with education and health screenings.

Here are some tips on Knowing Your Numbers:

Weight: Weigh yourself often so you know when you have gained or lost weight - both can be indicators of health.

TMHBloodPressureBlood Pressure: Check your blood pressure at home, your doctor’s office or at a pharmacy. Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare provides blood pressure kiosks at most Publix’s in the Tallahassee area.

Body Mass Index (BMI): Body mass index is calculated using your height and weight. It is a useful way of determining if you are overweight or obese and at risk for diseases that occur with high body fat. Get your BMI.

Cholesterol: Have your primary care physician test your blood regularly to determine your cholesterol level.

Blood Sugar: Have your primary care physician test your blood regularly to determine your blood sugar/glucose level.


Heart Health Assessments
BMI Calculator
Smoking Cessation Program

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