About the MT Mustian Center

Through a comprehensive strategic planning process, we recognized the need, and developed plans, to modernize our operating rooms and adult intensive care units to remain state-of-the-art in these critical services and meet the growing demand in our region. The planning process included in-depth participation and input from physicians, nurses, clinical staff, outside consultants in planning and design, patients and family members. The result of this planning effort is the proposed construction of a multi-story 340,000 square foot addition, which will be located at the southeast corner of the TMH campus (near the corner of Miccosukee Road and Medical Drive) and directly connected to the existing Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

The M.T. Mustian Center, the official name of this new facility, will contain 28 operating rooms, which will replace all existing operating rooms, 4 interventional suites for neurosurgical and vascular procedures and 72 adult medical/surgical intensive care beds of which 60 will be operational upon opening of the Center and shelled-in space for the remaining 12 beds. The Center will be designed to accommodate future additions of operating rooms and intensive care beds when the need arises. This facility will also house all the necessary support services for the operating rooms and the intensive care beds, such as preadmission testing, perioperative services, post anesthesia care unit, sterile processing services, blood banking, respiratory therapy, CT imaging, pharmacy, and materials management.

The project is currently in the design and development phase, which will lead to construction documents, bidding and governmental permitting. Construction is anticipated to commence in the second quarter of 2016 with the site preparation work. From the start of construction, this project is estimated to take 30 months to complete.

The whole project will consist of construction of the Center, acquisition of operating room and intensive care equipment and a variety of required projects to prepare the site (removal of existing buildings, relocation of infrastructure, improvements to storm water conveyance systems, roadway and access improvements and relocation of certain access points to existing facilities.) The anticipated cost of the project is approximately $250 million.


A rendering of the M.T. Mustian Center.