Frequently Asked Questions

Since many of the buildings that will be demolished have been vacant for some time they probably have pest infestations. What will TMH be doing to ensure that if these buildings do have pests that these pests will not just be transferred to the surrounding neighborhoods when the demolition starts?

Tallahassee Memorial will use a commercial pest control company to eliminate pests before buildings are deconstructed on the construction site.

Will the M.T. Mustian Center increase traffic?

Our new facility will contain operating rooms and intensive care units that will replace existing rooms currently in use at the hospital. The building will contain “shelled” space allowing for an increase in operating and ICU rooms as needed. We anticipate that the increase in patient census due to the new operating suites and intensive care beds will be gradual and over time. In addition, we are aware of a rumor that Brookwood Drive and Medical Drive would be aligned. Tallahassee Memorial is not aware of any plan to align these roads and will not advocate for an alignment of these two roads. The current traffic calming system on Brookwood Drive acts as a deterrent to traffic and we believe that will continue to be the case after the addition to the hospital.

Will the M.T. Mustian Center be the new main lobby entrance for the hospital?

The Atrium located adjacent to and accessed through the parking deck is the current main entrance of TMH and will remain the main entrance. The entrance and lobby of the M. T. Mustian Center will serve as the primary access for services located in that building and will not be the new main lobby entrance for the hospital. The parking lot to be located in front of the M. T. Mustian Center will serve patients and families using the surgical and intensive care units located inside that part of the campus. All other hospital services such as Emergency, Inpatient care, Physician Offices, and other ancillary services such as laboratory and radiology, will continue to use existing lobby entrances and parking facilities.