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Minding the gap Doctor promotes diversity in research
February 02, 2016
Women and minorities have historically been underrepresented in heart health research. African Americans who receive a coronary stent procedure, a surgery that implants a small wire-mesh tube that prevents blockages in arteries, have a 3 to 5 times higher risk of heart attack following the operation.
TMH, Wolfson Children's Hospital partner for new pediatric clinic
January 27, 2016
Hundreds of local families, some with infants, drive to Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville every year for specialty pediatric care because they have little choice.
TMH's Delia Edison Loses 75 Pounds, Gains Inspiration Award
January 27, 2016
A cross section of business leaders gathered for Tuesday’s 10th annual Working Well CEO Breakfast, which reinforced a theme of building a strong and healthy workforce.