A Guiding Hand for Cardiovascular Care

January 12, 2014

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s Heart & Vascular Service Line is pleased to announce the addition of Penelope “Penny” Burroughs, RN, BSN, to its team of healthcare professionals.  Penny is the new Cardiovascular Navigator and will have the unique opportunity to help patients navigate their journey with heart and vascular disease so they don’t have to do it alone.  This free service is new to our community and is designed to guide, assist and support patients through their care from screening and education to diagnosis and treatment.

“We are so pleased to have Penny join our team of healthcare professionals.  This new and unique service will support our goal to provide a highly personalized approach to compassionate, patient-centered care with leading edge technology,” said Terri McDonald, Service Line Administrator of the Tallahassee Memorial Heart & Vascular Service Line. 

As the Cardiovascular Navigator, Penny will assist TMH patients with cardiac disease to “navigate” their journey through testing, treatment, and follow-up care. With a clinical background rich in cardiovascular nursing experience, she is prepared to:

  • Provide personalized education to patients and their families, assisting them to understand their diagnosis and what’s next.
  • Assist with coordinating communication between care providers.
  • Assist physicians with getting tests scheduled and test results quickly.
  • Assist with timely communication to primary care physicians as patients move from testing to specialty treatment.
  • Work with partner hospitals and providers in surrounding communities to coordinate patient appointments, transfers, and return to their community provider.
  • Provide community health resources for wellness, prevention, and rehabilitation in cardiovascular disease.
  • Provide community education.

“Understanding and managing the complexity of diagnostic testing and treatment decisions in cardiac disease can be overwhelming. Knowledge is empowering, and providing education and support to help patients with cardiovascular disease understand their disease process and treatment can help them gain a sense of control over their circumstances,” said Penny.

Penny received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Emory University School of Nursing in Atlanta, Georgia.  She went on to obtain her certification in Critical Care and was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society. From Florida to Alaska and with over 20 years of experience as a RN, she has worked most of that as a Critical Care RN, with a focus on cardiovascular disease. Most recently, she worked within a busy cardiology private practice, specializing in cardiac imaging.

For more information about Tallahassee Memorial’s Cardiovascular Navigator Program, please call 431-7397.