Tallahassee Memorial's Trauma Center Hosts 4th Annual "Operation Prom Night"

April 05, 2013

Tallahassee, Fla. – Florida State University School juniors and seniors gathered today for the Fourth Annual Operation Prom Night. Tallahassee Memorial’s Trauma Center hosts the event each year as part of an injury prevention program designed to educate youth about the dangers of drinking and/or texting and driving. The enactment involved a group of students who crashed their car on the way to prom after they had been drinking and the resulting emergency response.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one person dies every 48 minutes in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Since the Trauma Center started Operation Prom Night in 2009, there have been no deaths on prom night.

“We are happy that Florida State University School welcomed us back for a second year,” said Freda Lyon, Service Line Administrator of Tallahassee Memorial’s Emergency Services. “Not only does this program encourage students to think about the real consequences associated with drinking or texting and driving, but they get an inside look at what emergency service employees do each day. Our hope is that we prevented an accident today, or even better – saved a life.”

Sponsors of this year’s event included: Florida State University School, Florida State University Police, the Tallahassee Police Department, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the Capital Police, the Tallahassee Fire Department, the Leon County Emergency Medical Services (EMS), AirMethods Corporation, McGuffey’s Wrecker Service and the Florida Emergency Nurses Association.