An Ounce of Prevention Protects Heart

February 22, 2017

The sound of an exercise bike whirs nearby. Next to it, an elderly woman pulls at the handle of a rowing machine. A gray-haired man pumps iron hand weights as he laughs with a woman who climbs onto an elliptical training machine. It's a typical day at the gym for active adults. Except for one thing. Each of these participants has had a major heart event. Whether because of a heart attack, bypass surgery, valve replacement, or other cardiac illnesses, each has rediscovered what we all know—we can’t take our heart’s health for granted.

At Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center where Dr. David Smith is the director of cardiac rehabilitation, 40 to 50 patients are seen three days a week. Mia Newlin, assistant nurse manager and coordinator of cardiac rehabilitation, and her team of cardiac nurses and respiratory therapists circulate among those exercising, developing activity regimens and making assessments that will help a recovering heart on its way back to health.