TMH offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy

June 11, 2018
The human body is remarkably resilient. For everything the human body goes through – with all of the various diseases, ailments and injuries encountered in a lifetime – it has a way of repairing itself. Sometimes it is easy to take this for granted. Along with the body’s undeniable resiliency, it is often a person’s will to take the needed measures and steps to get better that helps speed along the healing process – and no one knows this better than Paul Tschieder.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer nearly a decade ago, and he had surgery to help remove the cancer. After about six months, his doctors noticed his prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels – a measurement of protein produced by cells of the prostate gland – were beginning to rise, something that is often seen in men with prostate cancer. Tschieder was then prescribed to have 30 sessions of radiation, which ultimately impacted his bladder in a way he wasn’t quite aware of yet.

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