Stuffed therapy dogs now being distributed

November 15, 2018

Alas, Rikki the golden retriever — the Hurricane Katrina rescue turned Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and Second Judicial Circuit animal therapy pioneer, turned lobbyist, turned Animal Law Section official mascot — is no longer of this world.

Rikki died peacefully of a brain tumor in May 2017 at the age of 12 while wrapped in the arms of her Tallahassee owners, Chuck and Patty Mitchell.

The good news, according to Animal Law Section immediate past chair Gregg Riley Morton, is that Rikki’s extraordinary good works — already recounted in the celebrated memoir, “Encounters with Rikki” — are now being perpetuated in the form of a stuffed animal designed to resemble the canine hero.

“We wanted to honor Rikki and we wanted to honor the TMH Animal Therapy Program,” Morton said. “It’s really a remarkable story.”

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