TMH Earns Asthma Friendly Hospital Award from Florida Asthma Coalition

November 16, 2018

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare has become one of five hospitals in the state of Florida, and the first in the Big Bend region, to be recognized as an Asthma-Friendly Hospital by the Florida Asthma Coalition. Asthma Friendly Hospitals are recognized for creating a safe and healthy environment for their patients with asthma.

“This year, our teams began the Asthma-Friendly application process, and are proud to announce its successful completion,” said Christy Clark, Director, Respiratory Care, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. “Asthma is largely controllable with proper primary care. However, differences in rates of hospitalization for asthma suggest that there is significant room for improvement in caring for the condition. With our Asthma-Friendly certification, we look forward to improving the health of our community.”

Colleagues at Tallahassee Memorial HeathCare completed all five criteria [Criterion 1 – Professional Development for Hospital Nurses and Respiratory Therapists on Asthma Management; Criterion 2 – Professional Development for Hospital Physicians on Asthma Management; Criterion 3 – Asthma Action Plan; Criterion 4 – Self-Management Education; Criterion 5 – Multi-Component Home-Based Asthma Education] to be recognized as Asthma-Friendly.

Today, approximately one in ten children and one in twelve adults in Florida have asthma. Taking these steps helps the hospital create a healthy community for patients, visitors, staff and residents of the Big Bend area.

“At Tallahassee Memorial, we have identified asthma as a growing issue throughout the Big Bend area,” said Mark O’Bryant, President and CEO, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. As we are focused on improving the health of our community, our teams have implemented new processes and procedures surrounding asthma, and have provided valuable education to medical professionals, school systems and the general public.”

Tallahassee Memorial’s purpose in delivering respiratory therapy is to maintain an open airway for trauma, intensive care and surgical patients. We assist in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and support, as well as providing life support for patients who cannot breathe on their own. We also provide inhaled medication and medical gases and assist with patient education.