Less K. Shrestha, MD

Rheumatology, Internal Medicine

Office Locations

TMH Physician Partners - Rheumatology Specialists
3900 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32311
Shrestha Less 2290
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  • Rheumatology
  • Internal Medicine
  • AB Internal Medicine (Rheumatology)
  • AB Internal Medicine
  • 2002, Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Medical School
  • 2010, St. Barnabas Hospital
  • 2014, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
  • English

Get to Know the Doctor

What do you do or what services do you provide?

  • I treat various arthritic and autoimmune conditions; such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, pseudogout, lupus, vasculitides, myopathies, systemic sclerosis,  sjogren’s syndrome, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, sarcoidosis, fibromyalgia, etc.
  • I  perform diagnostic and therapeutic arthrocentesis of the various joints expect spine and hips
  • I inject steroids in various joints to treat various arthritic conditions

Area of Specialty
I treat general rheumatologic conditions

How long have you been in business or in practice in Tallahassee?
I joined TMH Physician Partners, Rheumatology Specialists in August of 2014.

Why did you choose Tallahassee as a place to work?

  • To be an integral part in the care of the people of Tallahasseee.
  • Tallahassee is a beautiful city with warm weather

Awards, honors, recognitions

  • Full scholarship by the government of Nepal for my medical education on the merit basis
  • Resident of the Year for excellence in medical knowledge (2007-2008) at Saint Barnabas Hospital, Bronx, NY

How, when and why did you get into this profession/business?

  • Rheumatic conditions are challenging due to diagnostic dilemma
  • Ability to bring changes in the quality of my patient's life

How would you describe your business or practice philosophy or strategy?
I describe my practice as a patient centered, with a shared decision making atmosphere. We are truly dedicated to providing quality patient care and satisfaction.

What is the “secret” of your business or professional success?
We are truly dedicated to providing the best patient care by treating our patients they way we or our family would like to be treated.

How do you measure success in your business or profession?
By patient satisfaction in my care and better quality of life reflected by the smile and happiness in my patient's faces.

Family? (spouse, children)
Married with a wife and a  baby girl

What are your hobbies, outside interests and community involvements?
Involved in fitness, traveling

What brief statement would describe your view of your profession or business, or what you hope to accomplish in it:
I am fully dedicated to my patient's care. I look forward to working with my colleagues (physicians and other staff) in providing the best patient care, their satisfaction.