Matthew T. Standridge, MD

Family Medicine

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TMH Physician Partners - Southwood
3900 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32311
Standridge Matthew 1935
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  • Family Medicine
  • AB Family Medicine
  • 2004, East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine, Medical School
  • 2007, North Colorado Family Medicine
  • English

Get to Know the Doctor

Meet Dr. Matthew Standridge



Tell us about the moment you first wanted to become a doctor.

I grew up in Rural East Tennessee on an organic farm, but it was an area without much in the way of healthcare.  From early on I knew I wanted to be a doctor and the specialty of family medicine always stood out to me. Family physicians have a unique role in their patients’ lives. They build ongoing relationships over time in the lives of individuals, families and communities. They see all ages, from birth to death, without discriminating in regard to age, sex, medical condition or other status. Family physicians are the front line of American healthcare. 

In medical school I did a rural training track and pursued my residency in Colorado at a site that historically trains physicians to be in rural and under-resourced areas. Before joining TMH Physician Partners - SouthWood, I have had an exciting career ranging from Rural North Carolina to Inner City Chicago and before starting in SouthWood, I worked at the TMH Physician Partners - Wakulla location for 6 years.

What activities do you enjoy when you are not working?

I love to cook, run, read and be on the water fishing or sailing. But most of all I enjoy spending time with my wife, Dana and four children: Claire, Ben, Laurel and Rowan.

What about your line of work do you find most encouraging?

My favorite thing about being a family physician is the relationships that I develop with my patients over time. I get the honor of being part of my patients’ lives during good times and bad. I am there for their wellness check-ups and also when unfortunate illnesses strike. Being a family physician means also that I often see three or more generations in the same family; I may give shots to the baby, see the father for a physical and treat the grandmother’s hypertension all in the same week.