Group Exercise Classes

Class Schedule

All Cycle classes will require reservations. Reservations for cycling will open one day prior to scheduled class time.  To book your session, call 431-2348, ext 3 or sign-up at the front desk.

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Class Descriptions



Barrelates unifies the practice of Barre with the practice of Pilates. This high intensity, low impact class will tone your body, improve your posture, and increase flexibility!

Brain, Body, Balance

Brain, Body, Balance is an active aging, falls prevention program. The Be3 philosophy fuses movement with neuroplasticity enhancing drills to improve balance, the various functions of the brain, reflex skills and activities completed in daily life.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a multi-modality circuit-based class that will challenge your strength & conditioning! This total body workout will challenge participants while encouraging them to go at their own pace. 

Core Power

Core Power focuses on functional core training by fusing dynamic and isometric movements that isolate your core muscles. Leave those crunches at the door and wake up with Core Power!

Fit Dance

Fit Dance is a great way to have fun while getting your heart rate up! Influenced by Latin, hip-hop and modern dance styles, this class is designed to work your core, abs, and lower body. Smile. Sweat and repeat – every Friday!

Fit For Life

Fit for Life helps participants complete their activities of daily living by training the body to move in all directions, improve balance, and increase strength and flexibility. A great option for active agers and those new to exercise.


Flex reminds participants that it’s important to slow down and give your body a little TLC. Flex class helps improve your range of motion through guided stretching and breathing techniques.

Fusion Flow

Fusion Flow unifies the practice of yoga with the practice of Pilates for a dynamic class to compliment any routine! Fusion Flow’s unique format is great for active recovery, injury prevention, or for increasing overall strength and flexibility.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is appropriate for those who want to enjoy the yoga practice, but at a slower pace. This calming class is great for those who may be new to yoga or just in need of a rejuvenating moment.

H20 Fitness

H20 Fitness is designed for any fitness level. This low impact workout comfortably tones and strengthens muscles while developing coordination, improving flexibility, and building cardiovascular stamina.

HIIT Threat

HIIT Threat When functional training meets High Intensity Interval Training, you’ve got HIIT Threat! This full body workout is not for the faint of heart! Challenge your mind and body as our energetic coaches push you to find new levels of strength, cardio and conditioning! Don’t forget to bring your water – This class means WORK!


INSANITY is a revolutionary cardio-based total body conditioning program based on the principles of MAX interval training. INSANITY™ pushes participants to new training heights, resulting in more calories burned!

Muscle Up

Muscle Up is a weight training class that will work every muscle in your body! Think 50 minutes of pure strength training. Modifications are offered to accommodate all fitness levels so grab those weights and muscle up!


Pilates is the floor work version of the Pilates Method. Pilates allows you to work the deepest layers of core muscles, which help to stabilize and support your spine and pelvis – improving posture, balancing muscle imbalances and increasing overall core strength. 

Power Barre

Power Barre is a high intensity, low impact format that will leave you feeling energized and strong! Power Barre’s Isolated movements help target those problem areas like your core, legs and glutes! The tempo is fast so get ready to burn some calories and sweat

Step it Up!

Step it Up!  Mix up your cardio routine with this musically charged format! Great for all fitness levels, Step it Up! is a cardio classic that’s more fun than work!

Tabata Sweat

Tabata Sweat is designed for those who love to sweat! Influenced by the Tabata Training Principles, fusing cardio drills and strength building exercises in 2:1 intervals that total 4 minutes each. Modifications are offered to all levels of fitness.


Yoga focuses on connecting movements with breath. Build strength and balance, increase flexibility and clear the mind through postures that help align, strength, and improve flexibility in the body. Mats and props are available.


Zumba is an energizing and internationally recognized aerobic workout that combines fast and slow rhythms, much like other interval-based class.  There’s a reason Zumba’s been strong on the fitness scene for over 15 years! Check it out to see why!