Allison Michael 2340Michael P. Allison, MD

A Tampa native, Dr. Allison is delighted to return to Florida following completion of a Maternal Child Health Fellowship at PCC Wellness Center in Oak Park, IL. Graduating from Creighton University with his MD in 2010, he completed Family Medicine Residency at USF/Morton Plant Mease, in 2013. His performance was recognized by the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine with the Resident Teacher Award. He has a passion for Family Medicine and loves the teaching role with residents . He has been active in community volunteer organizations and participates in leadership roles wherever he has been.

Married in 2012 to Malena, also from Tampa, they are eagerly looking forward to work life following the many productive years of education. He enjoys music, cooking for large crowds and sports, particularly soccer, and can be found cheering for FSU and USF Football, Creighton basketball and Rays baseball.

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Brickler Alexander 109

A.D. Brickler, MD

Dr. A.D. Brickler has been faithfully serving our residents since the beginning of the program. He is a family physician with advanced training in obstetrics and a long career (30,000 deliveries) in the care of women. His accomplishments include being named the 1982 Family Physician of the Year by the Florida Academy of Family Physicians and later that year being honored as National Family Physician of the Year. Dr. Brickler serves as a “laborist” and teaches residents on the Inpatient Obstetrics service. He performs ultrasounds, Cesarean Sections, and tubal ligations as part of his practice. He is married with 4 children, 2 of whom are physicians in Tallahassee. When away from work, Dr. Brickler is an avid runner and enjoys amateur astronomy.

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Cole Russell 2378

Russell D. Cole, MD, MS

Dr. Cole was born in Marietta, GA, and grew up in nearby Kennesaw. He completed college at Young Harris and the University of Georgia, awarded a BS degree in Ecology in 1998. He subsequently earned a Masters of Science in Human and Animal Toxicology at UGA (ask him about the behavior of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans), and his MD degree at Emory University School of Medicine in 2007. While at Emory, he was awarded the prestigious Woodruff Fellowship.

Residency followed at the McLennan County Family Medicine Residency in Waco, Texas. For the past 4½ years he has practiced Family Medicine in Huntsville, AL, most recently in solo private practice.

Family in Tallahassee and North Florida attracted Dr. Cole to relocate here. He and his wife Sandy (a “triple Dawg” with 3 degrees from UGA including a law degree) have a delightful daughter, Anna Cate, soon to be five years old.

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Evers Tanya 2084

Tanya Evers, MD

Dr. Tanya Evers is a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist who joined the TMH faculty in 2012 after completing residency at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. While there, she was a proponent of mother-infant bonding and lactation and conducted research on completion rates with the HPV vaccination. Dr. Evers has an interest in Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology and looks forward to caring for these patients in her clinic , as well as working with other departments in coordinating their care.

Returning to Tallahassee is a "coming home" of sorts for her as she earned her undergraduate and medical degrees at Florida State University. Dr. Evers commented that she is thrilled to be working with residents as she has a passion for academic medicine and teaching, enjoying the role of mentor and sharing her knowledge with others. The growth that occurs during residency is remarkable, and she considers the opportunity to participate in that growth year after year an honor.

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Forde Klive 2065Klive M. Forde, MD

Dr. Forde hails from the tranquil island of Barbados in the West Indies. He completed his medical training at The University of The West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica in 2008 and subsequently returned home where he completed a one-year rotating internship and worked as a primary care physician in multiple settings. He moved to Tallahassee for residency in 2012 and has been here ever since! He was co-Chief Resident at the TMH Family Medicine Residency Program from 2014-2015 and at his graduation from residency in 2015 he was recognized with the Susan U. Wager Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Resident Teacher Award. After graduation, he successfully pursued a fellowship in operative obstetrics, also at the TMH Family Medicine Residency Program. He enjoys truly teaching and has accepted the opportunity to stay on board as the newest addition to the full-time faculty of the program. In his new role, he will be practicing full-scope family medicine including obstetrics with cesarean sections, as well as teaching and supervising medical students and residents.

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Forster Edward 740

Edward Forster, MD

Graduating from the University of Miami, Dr. Forster pursued residency training at Tallahassee Memorial, where he was elected as Chief by faculty and fellow residents. His passion for teaching future physicians led him to return to the residency in 2008 as a faculty member. He maintains his Assistant Clinical Professor role with Florida State University College of Medicine. Professionally, he has worked in underserved settings in South Florida, where he was selected as Physician of the Year by Community Health of South Dade in 2001. Returning to Tallahassee he practiced in urgent care settings where his dedication and expertise in patient care has always been evident, and earned him Teacher of the Year honors from the 2011 graduating class. His academic interests include wound care, hyperbaric medicine, and HIV/AIDS, in which he became certified in 2010. He and Laura have 2 children, Courtney and Erica. Dr. Forster serves as the C Group Leader.

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Hope Gina 1224

Gina D. Hope, MD

Dr. Gina Hope, a past TMH Family Medicine Residency graduate, joined as faculty in September 2013. Upon completion of residency training, she worked for a nonprofit organization for three and a half years in a rural community, where she was awarded medical provider of the year on two occasions. Her areas of interests include psychiatry, preventive medicine, pediatrics and integrative holistic medicine. Dr. Hope has a strong passion for motivating and enabling residents to realize their full potential during residency and beyond. She serves as the A Station Group Leader. Dr. Hope and her husband, Adam, have one daughter, Leia. In her leisure time, she enjoys fine dining, traveling, appreciating visual and performance arts, as well as routine family time.

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Jernigan Lisa 537

Lisa Jernigan, MD

Dr. Lisa Jernigan is a Tallahassee native; born at TMH (year remains unspecified). After training at the TMH residency, she was in private practice for 6 years prior to returning to the residency to teach in 1994. Her interests in medicine include care for underserved groups, international medicine, HIV, tropical medicine, and OB care, along with the usual full spectrum of the Family Physician. She participates in at least one medical mission each year, and has been to some pretty wild places, having a distinct preference for indigenous people groups. She speaks enough Spanish to be dangerous. Dr. Jernigan was named Associate Director (Curriculum) in 2011. She is certified in HIV Medicine. Outside of the residency, she is active in her church, loves to cook, runs (and sometimes enjoys it), and has completed 3 marathons, one run the day after a ½ marathon. Mind you, she isn’t fast, but is durable. In 2006 she received the I.B. Harrison Humanitarian award in recognition of her efforts on behalf of those with poor access to health care, either here or abroad. She is married to Doug Jernigan, a talented local singer with whom she recently collaborated on a CD release in 2011.

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RickLevyMDRick Levy, PhD

Dr. Levy is a native Tallahasseean who was born at TMH. In addition to the TMH connection, Dr. Levy is a dyed-in-the-wool  Seminole, having been enrolled in the FSU Developmental Pre-School at age 2, then Florida High from Kindergarten through 12th grade, then FSU for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD.

His extracurricular interests have ranged from running and fitness to photography to playing lead guitar in several rock bands to being a part-time church musical director.

He and his wife Bonnie have four children (all grown) and eight grandchildren (who think they’ve grown). 

Dr. Levy is a Licensed Psychologist, whose specialty areas include treatment of major trauma, anxiety disorders and phobias, management of chronic illness/disability, and spiritual issues in therapy. In addition to having extensive experience in private practice, he also worked for nine years in a large Family Medical Practice before coming to the Residency Program. He has a strong interest in the points at which psychology and medicine intersect clinically to provide the best and most comprehensive treatment for each patient.

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Machado Ronald 1035

Ronald Machado, MD

Dr. Machado joined Tallahassee Memorial’s Family Medicine Residency Program in July of 2000. He graduated and completed his residency from the University of Florida College of Medicine. His interest areas include medical informatics and Pediatrics, and he currently serves as the Physician Champion of the Ambulatory EMR rollout throughout the Tallahassee Memorial practices. At the Family Medicine Center, Dr. Machado is the B Group Leader. Outside of medicine, Dr. Machado keeps busy with his wife, Laura, and three children, Slade, Sara, Stephen, and enjoys group bible study, painting, playing guitar, and snow skiing.

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Mazziotta Joseph 742

Joseph Mazziotta, MD

Dr. Mazziotta joined the faculty in 1999. He graduated as Chief Resident from the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Family Practice Residency Program in 1995. After graduation, he served in the Air Force for four years. He is interested in ambulatory procedures including colposcopy, exercise stress testing, skin surgery, nasopharyngoscopy and vasectomy. He also has particular interest in smoking cessation, wound care, and disaster management. He is certified in HIV Medicine. Dr. Mazziotta was named Director in July 2015. He and his wife, Danielle, have 3 children, Jake, McKenzie, and Ellie.

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David Miles, MD, FACS

Dr. Miles grew up on the small North Florida community of Chattahoochee, where he learned the values that have served him all his life: Caring for people like he would like to be taken care of himself. He completed Medical School at the University of Miami, residency at Wilmington Medical Center in Delaware, and service in the U.S. Navy. He began urology practice in Tallahassee in 1969 and continued until his retirement. While the golf and family time has been all that he hoped, he could not turn down the request to “teach” new physician’s about urology once a week at the residency. A clinic that resident’s look forward to for what they learn from a physician that has a lifetime of caring and experience to share.

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Robinson Bryan 658

B. David Robinson, MD

Dr. Robinson joined our faculty in August, 2011. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Palliative Care. A native of Tallahassee, Dr. Robinson is a graduate of the University of Florida School of Medicine and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Medical College of Virginia Hospitals, Richmond, Virginia. After 14 years practicing with Southern Medical Group, Tallahassee’s premier Internal Medicine practice, he served as Medical Director of Big Bend Hospice for over seven years. Dr. Robinson has assumed a key leadership role on the Residency’s adult inpatient service. He also assists with precepting in the Family Medicine Center.

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Robinson David 1677

David P. Robinson, MD

Dr. Robinson joined the faculty in January, 2011. He is board certified in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, which he loves. Dr. Robinson is a graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Pediatrics and his fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at Vanderbilt University Affiliated Hospitals. After 7 years of private practice in Jacksonville, Florida, he had a 14-year academic stint at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, culminating in his role as Director of Pediatric Residency Training 2002-2008. He relocated to Tallahassee in 2008 to join Tallahassee Pediatrics, where he became very popular with the residents for his strong interest in teaching. He runs Adolescent Clinics at Children’s Medical Services and at the FMC, in addition to inpatient and outpatient general pediatrics. He and his wife Susan have two children of their own, Ben and Kathryn, and a new granddaughter Sophie, born in 2011.

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Phillip Treadwell, PharmD

Dr. Treadwell began working with the Program in 1995, rounding with the adult medicine service each morning. In 2000, he joined the Program full time. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida, and subsequently completed a Pharmacy Practice Residency at TMH. He has particular interest in infectious disease and anticoagulation. He is certified in HIV Medicine and alligator trapping (for real!). Dr. Treadwell is an extremely valuable resource on our inpatient medicine service, runs our weekly anticoagulation clinic, and leads residency research efforts. It is recommended that you get ahead of him in the food line. He and his wife, Christie, have 2 boys, Lee and Chad. In July 2015, Dr. Treadwell assumed the position of Associate Director. 

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Weeks Julia 2270

Julia Goodall Weeks, MD, DTM

Dr. Weeks was born in Birmingham, AL, but spent much of her early years in the Congo where her parents were missionaries.  After her undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt, and medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine at Birmingham, she completed one year of residency in Family Medicine in Tuscaloosa.

Feeling called to the mission field, she prepared by getting certified in tropical medicine through the Institut Prince Leopold de Medecine Tropicale in Antwerp, Belgium, and gaining further intensive training in general and OB/GYN surgery in Karawa, Zaire.  Then followed a remarkable 10 years serving as a missionary physician and medical director in the Congo, primarily in Bolenge and Kinshasa.

For her efforts during the Kikwit Ebola epidemic, she was awarded the Knight of the National Order of Zaire in 1995 by President Mobutu.

In 1998, she and her family relocated to Tallahassee where she completed the final 2 years of her residency training at the Tallahassee Memorial Family Medicine Residency in 2000.

For the past 14 years she has been employed full time at the Archbold Urgent Care Clinic in Thomasville.  Since 2002, she has served as the medical director of that clinic.  In addition, she has been a leader in the medical staff of Archbold Hospital, serving as a member of the Medical Executive Committee, Chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, and assisting in many quality and performance improvement initiatives.

Since 1998, she and her husband Stephen have lived continuously in Tallahassee.  Stephen has continued to support mission efforts in Africa.   They have three children, Stephen, Jr., Samuel, and Jessica, all of whom are/will be graduates of Chiles High School where each has been captain of the Timberwolves soccer team.

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Zorn Donald 499

Don Zorn, MD

Dr. Zorn joined the faculty in 1984 and became the Director in 2002. A native of Georgia, he trained at Emory University and the Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia. Dr. Zorn was in a two-person practice with high-volume obstetrics in Blackshear, Georgia for five years before coming to Tallahassee. He is interested in all facets of Family Medicine. Dr. Zorn also supervises prenatal and ultrasound clinics. He and his wife, Taska, have 3 children, Sarah, Austin, and Susanna. In his spare time, which is considerable since he assigns all work to everyone else, he enjoys vegetable gardening and yard work, Braves baseball and FSU athletics. Residents in trouble have the benefit of manual labor in the Zorn yard and garden. In July 2015, Dr. Zorn stepped down as Program Director, however he will continue to serve as Recruiting Director and full time faculty. 

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