Frequently Asked Questions

What are the business hours of A Woman’s Place?

We are open Monday – Friday from 9am - 5pm.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1301 E. Sixth Avenue, on the corner of East Sixth Avenue and Lee Ave, one block west of the main entrance to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare's Main Campus.

What is The Mommy Market?

The Mommy Market is a retail shop located within A Woman's Place selling a variety of breastfeeding supplies, such as breast pumps and accessories, nursing bras, nursing pillows, nursing covers and creams.

How do I sign up for a tour of the Women’s Pavilion at the hospital? Is there a cost associated with the tour?

Go to our events section and register online. Tours are given every Monday from 6-7pm and it is a FREE service. Registration is required. Tours fill up quickly so please do not wait until the end of your pregnancy. Best time to take your tour is between your 30-35 week mark. You will want to register for the tour a few weeks before that. Each registration is for two people. Children are not allowed on the tour.

At what point in my pregnancy should I sign up for classes?

You will want to attend classes around your 30-34 week mark. You will want to register for the classes about a month before then. Classes do fill up so please register early.

What classes are offered at A Woman's Place? How do I register for classes?

A Woman's Place offers a variety of classes ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to breastfeeding and infant/child CPR. For a full list of classes, visit our Events section. You will find a detailed description of each class along with instructions on how to register and to pay. (Please note: you may register under one name and that counts as a couple. Also, online payment is required at the time of registration.)

What should I do if I am having problems with online class registration?

Call 850-431-4928 or email us at AWomansPlace@TMH.ORG

I am registered for a class but unable to attend. What should I do?

Call 850-431-4928 or email us at AWomansPlace@TMH.ORG

I have Capital Health Plan (CHP) insurance, how do I go about receiving my breast pump?

Please come no earlier than one week prior to your due date or scheduled c-section. Please bring your CHP Insurance card and driver’s license. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY and you do not need to reserve a pump.

If I deliver early, can someone pick up my pump for me?

Yes, they just need to bring your CHP insurance card and driver’s license. You have up to one year post delivery to receive a pump through CHP.

Which breast pump is offered FREE with CHP?

The Ameda Mya. It consists of the double electric pump and attachments only, carrying bag and cooler set are not included. This is your pump to keep and is under warranty for a year.

Am I able to “upgrade” my Capital Health Plan breast pump?

Yes, we offer upgrades in both Ameda and Medela pumps. The cost to the patient is:

Ameda Mya Small Tote - $10.00 plus tax (the Mya pump and parts) 

Ameda Mya Large Tote - $20.00 plus tax (the Mya Pump and two sets of parts)

Medela Pump In Style - $40.00 plus tax

What if I am interested in purchasing extras?

Stop by our Mommy Market shop to purchase a full line of extras: flanges, tubing, bottles, nipples, carrying cases, nursing supplies and more.

If my insurance is not CHP, how do I acquire a breast pump?

Please call your insurance carrier to find out the process.

How do I rent a hospital grade breast pump?

Please come to A Woman's Place during regular business hours. NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY. We rent both the Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony at a cost of $70 a month. Breast pumps are rented on a month-by-month basis so you may keep it for as long you would wish. A credit card number is required for all rentals. (You will need to purchase attachments parts if you did not receive them in the hospital.)

Does CHP pay for a hospital grade pump?

All requests for this are determined by CHP on a case by case basis. Your obstetrician will need to request an authorization to CHP for the use of a hospital grade breast pump due to a medical necessity. CHP will review the request and allow or deny the authorization. Approved authorizations are for three months use only and you must supply A Woman’s Place with your authorization at the time of rental.

Does CHP pay for any prenatal classes?

The prenatal breastfeeding class is covered 100% by CHP. When registering online, please put “CHP member” in the drop-down box and complete the CHP verification form in order for the carrier to be billed.

How do I reach a Lactation Consultant?

Please call 850-431-0468 to reach a consultant. Outpatient lactation consultants are available by appointment. All visits will be charged to insurance/self pay. In addition, our Milk With Mommy Breastfeeding Support Group meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30-Noon. You do not need to sign up and the group is a FREE service.

Do I bring my baby to the Milk With Mommy Breastfeeding Support Group?

Yes, the purpose of the group to provide breastfeeding support to all breastfeeding moms. During the group time you will weigh the baby on the scale, breastfeeding, weigh the baby again to see how much your baby is getting from the breast.

Can I get one on one help during the support group?

No, the support group is an open community resource that is for support only. Although led by a lactation consultant, she cannot provide one on one patient care at this time. An outpatient appointment will need to be made for proper patient care, documentation and direction.

Can I get a post op garment after my breast surgery?

Yes, insurance allows for two post op camisoles after breast surgery. Patients who receive one in the hospital may receive their second one from us. Those who did not receive one in the hospital may get both from us. We have four different styles to choose from. These will be billed to insurance and cannot be picked up until AFTER surgery.

How do I make an appointment for a post breast surgery bra and breast prosthesis fitting?

Call 850-431-4928, ext. 4 or email AWomansPlace@TMH.ORG to set up an appointment. A physician’s order is required before appointments are made. We are happy to fax the order to your physician for you. We can not see a patient until you are six weeks out of surgery. We are unable to fit you if you still have swelling or your surgical sight has not completely healed.

Aside from post mastectomy bras, what other apparel and miscellaneous products does A Woman's Place offer and will my insurance pay for them?

We offer wigs and hats for women with hair loss. We have pocketed bathing suits, active wear and night wear. We also offer a small line of breast cancer awareness products such as cups, lapel pins, books, bags and jewelry. We will gladly file with your insurance for wigs, but all other items are cash sales.

Do you provide mammography screening services?

No, please consult with your physician.

Other related inquiries:

We do not provide pregnancy tests.
We are not a gynecological office.
We do not have physicians or psychologists located in our office.