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Is it time to say goodbye to your beloved companion?  

Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

A Guide for Considering a Difficult Decision for Your Pet
By Timothy J. O'Brien, M.S.
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Encounters with Rikki

EncountersWithRikkiEncounters with Rikki by Julie Strauss Bettinger tells the true story of the incredible partnership between Chuck and Rikki, a very special rescue dog. Rikki first found her home with Chuck and Patty Mitchell in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Even though the golden retriever was a shy, shell-shocked puppy still adapting to the stress of displacement, Chuck recognized her innate abilities as a therapy dog. Together they brought healing and hope to recovering patients, accident victims and the mentally ill. Rikki’s quiet confidence attracted the attention of advocates of child victims. Called upon to testify in court, child witnesses must recall horrific memories in the presence of their abusers; the tireless work of Chuck and Rikki allowed these children to do so with a therapy dog by their side. Inspiring and heartfelt, Rikki’s story illustrates the far-reaching effects of the human-animal bond.

Encounters with Rikki is available through all major booksellers, including Amazon, or direct from the publisher.