Cancer Navigation Services

At Tallahassee Memorial, our patient navigators provide each cancer patient with a trusted confidante from pre-diagnosis to returning to normal life after cancer. Whatever the patient need, our support services team provides dedicated and timely assistance.

Patients often feel better equipped to handle what may lie ahead with the partnership of a navigator.

Diagnosis and Initiating Treatment

Our patient navigators, counselors and social workers significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to diagnose and initiate treatment. Patient navigators provide a single resource for:

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Completing necessary paperwork.
  • Gaining access to pertinent clinical trials.
  • Facilitating financial aid where applicable.
  • Connecting the patient to health care education and support resources.

Navigating the Healthcare System

Our navigation team members help cancer patients and their families and caregivers:

  • Navigate the healthcare system. 
  • Learn about side effects, treatment options, cancer trials, etc.
  • Identify and overcome any barriers to healthcare.
  • During the transition to post-treatment, including any needed follow up care.

Identifying Resources & Support

Patient navigators link patients and families with needed resources and support including:

  • Financial resources
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Translation services
  • Cultural barriers and communication issues
  • Community support groups and services
  • Palliative care
  • Hospice

Emotional Impact & Coping

We assist with emotional and coping challenges facing patients, their families and caregivers: 

  • Promote wellness to empower patients/survivors to practice healthy lifestyles.
  • Encourage exercise, smoking cessation, good nutrition and compliance to treatment appointments as well as follow up appointments and care.
  • Provide coping tools for patients to deal with emotional impact, fear and stress.
  • Deal with physical symptoms and complications.
  • Cope with financial impacts.

All navigator services are free to patients and only a phone call away at 850-431-ICAN (4226).

Directions and Contact Information
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