Cancer Recovery Services

When fighting cancer, looking and feeling your best is also important. At Tallahassee Memorial, we offer special recovery services to help patients during and after a cancer journey.

Breast Prosthesis Boutique

Located at A Woman’s Place, this special shop offers a full line of breast forms, mastectomy bras, camisoles and skin care products to help with changes after cancer treatment. Our specially trained and certified prosthetics fitters provide private and personalized services. Learn more

Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema is a condition that happens to some cancer patients in which excess fluid collects in tissue and causes swelling in the arm. While there is no cure for lymphedema, proper treatment can reduce the swelling and return the arm back to normal or near normal size.

Secondary lymphedema can be caused by lymph node removal surgery and/or radiation therapy. This is the number one type of lymphedema in the United States. The best approach is to be educated on what can cause lymphedema as well as the daily management techniques for those who have lymphedema and those who are at risk for developing lymphedema.

The expert team at Tallahassee Memorial is specially trained to identify and treat lymphedema through physical therapy and education so patients can continue therapy at home. For more information about lymphedema therapy call 850-431-ICAN (4226).

Life After Breast Cancer: Lymphedema Prevention

Join us for a presentation on life after breast cancer to learn more about lymphedema, including risk factors and prevention, exercises and activities following surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Learn more

Reconstructive Surgery

Most women who have experienced breast cancer and had a breast removed (mastectomy) can have reconstruction. Today there are many new options and improved surgical techniques to help rebuild the size and shape of the breast.

We recommend that patients who are interested in breast reconstruction discuss this with the breast surgeon before a mastectomy. This way, the surgeons can work together to develop the best plan for each patient. A member of the navigation team can guide a patient through this process.

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Support Groups
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