Introducing Rikki

The Tallahassee Memorial Children’s Center Super Pup Mascot

RikkiEvery super kid needs a super sidekick! Introducing Rikki, the TMH Super Pup. After being rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Rikki knew the value of caring and compassion. Rikki’s true calling was as a therapy dog, and in early 2007 she became a proud member of Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s (TMH) Animal Therapy Program, its Reading Education Assistance Dogs™ program and its Florida Courthouse Therapy Dogs program. Rikki was a groundbreaker in so many areas – leading the way for future dogs to positively impact children.

For nearly 10 years, Rikki helped patients, families, students, victims, witnesses and staff cope with the difficulties of managing through trauma and challenging situations. She made each child feel better and inspired them to keep fighting – whether through motivating rehabilitation, improving reading skills or finding their voice so they could testify about their abuse.

While Rikki unfortunately passed away Spring 2017, her legacy continues on as she will continue to comfort children for the Tallahassee Memorial Children’s Center in their time of need. Rikki, the Super Pup, not only has the super ability of flight, but super kindness and super soft fur. Ace and Tally welcome Rikki with open arms to join their ranks in helping fellow Super Kids!