Physician Partners – Center for Medical Genetics & Genomics

Physician Partners – Center for Medical Genetics & Genomics provide both clinical genetics and clinical biochemical genetic services, in addition to cancer genetic services. We care for a variety of cases including pediatric, adult, cardiovascular and hereditary cancer genetics.

Improved technology in genetics has enabled us to discover the underlying cause of many disorders. This enables families to provide preventive maintenance and to explore rapidly evolving treatments. Learn more about gene mutations and the importance of genetic testing.

Meet the Team

At TMH Physician Partners - Clinical Genetics Center, we have a team of geneticists, along with a dedicated genetic counselor who specializes in cancer genetics. Our practice philosophy is to provide access to genetic services with state-of-the-art, compassionate care to all. 

Martin Laura 2616

 Laura S. Martin, MD, FAAP, FACMG





Katie Farmer, MS, CGC

Clinical Genetics

Clinical genetic consultations typically consist of a medical evaluation, genetic risk assessment, genetic counseling and education, that together, allow for shared decision making between the Clinical Geneticist and the patient/family.

Clinical Biochemical Genetics

Clinical Biochemical Geneticists provide comprehensive diagnosis, life-long management and genetic counseling services for patients with inborn errors of metabolism, including genetic disorders of intermediary metabolism, lysosomal storage diseases, disorders of energy metabolism and other related disorders.

Cancer Genetics

Geneticists, along with a dedicated genetic counselor who specializes in cancer genetics, provide evaluation of personal and family histories for possible hereditary cancer syndromes, including BRCA 1/2, Lynch syndrome as well as other disorders. With services connected to the Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center, genetic patients have access to an array of service and powerful treatment options, all under one roof.