For Employers

employersEmployee Assistance Programs (EAP) are work-site based programs designed to assist in the identification and resolution of productivity problems associated with employees impaired by personal problems. For decades, EAPs have demonstrated their value; both to the employee and to the employers that benefit from having healthy workers.  An effective EAP is a proven solution in preventing and remediating the high cost of employee problems.  EAPs have been shown to contribute to:

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Employee retention
  • Reduced medic al costs due to prevention and early intervention
  • Reduced accidents

The Employee Assistance Program at Tallahassee Memorial offers a comprehensive array of employee assistance  and work / life services to boost your employees’ productivity, morale and retention. We help support your organization’s mission and values. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Our EAP services to organizations include:

  • Absence management
  • Education on behavioral health issues such as mental health, stress and substance abuse
  • Drug-free workplace initiatives
  • Workplace violence and harassment prevention
  • Critical Incident Response and Management
  • Conflict resolution and enhancing team effectiveness
  • Supervisor and leader consultation and education

The EAP at Tallahassee Memorial has a network of licensed professionals throughout the state of Florida. We are able to provide businesses with services in the Florida Panhandle and throughout the region.  We utilize a network of Certified Employee Assistance Professionals (CEAP) to address critical work issues and consultation to human resource professionals and supervisors.

We have 24 hour/7 day crisis availability.

We are members and adhere to the professional standards of the following professional organizations:

  • Big Bend Society of Human Resource Management
  • EAP Florida
  • Big Bend Employee Assistance Professionals Association Chapter
  • Employee Assistance Professionals Association, International

For more information call: 850-431-5190, toll free 877-501-0956.