Medication Dispensing Systems

Remove the guesswork from managing your medications

MedicationDispenserWhen it comes to taking your medications, following your doctor’s orders can be challenging. Our Medication Dispensing Service can provide helpful assistance, from organizing your pills to reminding you when and how to take your medications. We even alert your caregiver if you miss a dose. It all adds up to the perfect solution to help you stay healthy so you can continue living on your own.

Our medication dispensing service has all of the top features that seniors and caregivers have asked for, including reminder alerts to dispense medications at the times you have scheduled as well as alerts for non-pill medications. The device also offers one of the largest and most flexible dosing capacities available. When you combine this automated medication dispenser with its continuous monitoring feature and proactive caregiver alerts, it’s no wonder why more people choose Philips.

How It Works

As the maker of Philips Lifeline—the #1 medical alert service—we understand the challenges seniors face. For more than 40 years, we’ve been helping older adults live independently. Our medication dispensing service is designed to be just as trusted and easy to use as our help button, giving seniors the confidence to keep living on their own. It works like this:

  1. Fill with pills
    You or your caregiver fill the individual cups with your medication, load the cups into the dispenser, and set a schedule. If you like, Philips Lifeline can even remotely program a schedule into the dispenser for you.
  2. Take your medication
    When you hear the reminder message, simply press the button. The medication will dispense at the pre-programmed times.
  3. Don’t worry about a thing
    If you happen to miss a dose, Lifeline’s 24-hour personal response line will automatically notify your caregiver by phone. Your caregiver will also be alerted when it’s time to refill your medications.

Contact Us

If you are interested in this system, please call us at 850-431-6838 or email us at Felicia.McCoy@TMH.ORG.