Memory Disorder Clinic

Medical attention might be necessary if you or someone you know is experiencing increased forgetfulness, personality or behavioral change, problems with speech, reading or writing skills, or problems completing daily activities.

Our team conducts comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for persons concerned about memory problems:

  • Neurological evaluation
  • Blood work and other testing (CT, MRI, EEG)
  • Medication review
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Summary evaluation conference
  • Creation of a suggested plan of care

Additional services

  • Support groups
  • Referral to community resources
  • Educational library
  • Training and educational opportunities for caregivers and professionals
  • The opportunity to participate in research studies
  • Caregiver counseling

Referrals may be made on an individual basis or through physicians or family members. Third-party insurance, Medicare and Medicaid are accepted. You may also need a referral from your insurance provider.

The Memory Disorder Clinic is funded through a grant from the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs as part of the state’s Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative Program.

Contact Us

Tallahassee Memorial Memory Disorder Clinic
NeuroScience Center 
(fifth floor of the 1401 Professional Office Building ) 
Fax: 850-431-6101 
Email: Madalyn Conetta