What is neuropsychological testing?

Neuropsychological testing measures a wide variety of mental abilities that are based on different areas of the brain and their interconnections. The testing can help identify underlying causes of problems such as forgetfulness, inattention and word finding difficulties. It can also identify many mental strengths and weaknesses that may be important to know about. Testing measures psychological, as well as cognitive, status. Testing provides a special opportunity for you to learn more about yourself. Learn more about pediatric neuropsychological testing.

What is the testing process?

The process requires you to perform many short tasks, some that may be simple and others that might be more difficult. Many tasks start out easy and become more challenging. Testing normally includes a very small amount of reading, writing and drawing. The testing often requires 6-7 hours of commitment. During the testing you may request a break whenever necessary. Upon completion, your tests are scored and your scores are compared with those of other people of a similar age and background. Your scores are interpreted and a report is written. Your results and recommendations will be reviewed with you in person or via phone.

How do I prepare for testing?

  • Plan to be here for 7 hours.
  • If you use reading glasses or hearing aids, bring them with you to the testing session.
  • You should be well rested and fully alert at the time of testing. Testing will not be valid if you are drowsy.
  • Please consider having a meal before you begin testing and/or pack a lunch or snack.
  • If you have a caretaker, it will be important for your caretaker, friend or family member to remain in the clinic waiting area throughout the entire testing session.
  • If you choose to undergo the testing, it will be important for you to give your best effort across all tests. Your best effort is required to get a clear profile of your brain-based abilities. This information can help us to help you.
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