Neurovascular Surgery

Our neurovascular surgeons use catheters to perform procedures in the brain through arteries in the groin, eliminating the need to open the skull. These procedures could vary from finding a blood clot causing a stroke and removing it, to placing coils in the brain to repair a ruptured aneurysm and stop bleeding.

Offering endovascular procedures requires neurosurgeons trained in working with the vascular systems and labs with the equipment needed to perform complex treatments safely and efficiently. Our neurovascular lab is the only in North Florida and South Georgia with the necessary technology.

Who would need an endovascular procedure?

Endovascular procedures are primarily used to treat two types of patients – those who have a neurological condition that is found during an exam and need treatment to prevent future complications, and those who are critically ill and may have experienced an emergency such as stroke or a ruptured aneurysm.

Historically, these patients were required to travel outside of the area, sometimes hundreds of miles away, to receive care. We are proud to be the first facility in the region to offer these revolutionary treatments so patients can recover close to home.

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