Stroke Center

The Tallahassee Memorial Stroke Center holds certification from the Joint Commission as a Primary Stroke Center and is the only facility in the region performing minimally invasive stroke interventions through the groin without opening the skull. We follow national standards and guidelines in stroke care that can significantly improve outcomes for patients.

If you think someone is having a stroke, call 911 immediately and get them to the Tallahassee Memorial ER.

Our Comprehensive Stroke Services

We provide rapid diagnosis, innovative treatments and rehabilitation and dedicated support for stroke patients.

Emergency Intervention

Having a stroke does not have to mean lifelong disabilities if quality care is administered quickly. Our comprehensive system provides rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke:

  • We are always equipped to provide brain imaging scans
  • Our neurologists are available around-the-clock to conduct patient evaluations
  • We use clot-busting medications and neurovascular interventions when appropriate

Treatment, Rehabilitation and Support

In addition to emergency intervention, we offer

  • Inpatient care, post hospitalization, and outpatient rehabilitation programs
  • Stroke support groups for survivors and family members
  • Clinical trials and stroke research

stopwatchStroke Signs and Symptoms

Know the signs and symptoms of a stroke so that you can recognize it quickly and call 911.

FAST Method

Use the FAST method to determine if you or someone you know is having a stroke and needs to be brought to our stroke center immediately.

  • Drooping
  • Sudden numbness/tingling
  • Blurred vision

Ask the person to smile and check for a crooked smile.

  • Sudden weakness
  • Numbness
  • Tingling

Ask the person to hold both arms out, close their eyes, and check for drifting of one arm.

  • Sudden slurred speech
  • Garbled speech

Ask the person to repeat a sentence and listen for changes in speech or inability to follow this command.

Time (Time lost is brain loss)

Call 911 immediately, and get to the Tallahassee Memorial ER. Stroke is a medical emergency!