For breastfeeding moms, our experienced nurses are specially trained to help moms feed their babies:

  • Establishing a good latch
  • Holding the baby in position
  • Making sure your baby is receiving enough milk

We offer our highly educated and trained nursing staff to meet all other breastfeeding needs, as well as provide an expert team of certified lactation consultants as needed to help moms with more complicated breastfeeding challenges.

Tallahassee Memorial offers a Prenatal Breastfeeding class at A Woman's Place with a certificed lactation consultant. Learn more and register online


Breastfeeding in the NICU

If a baby is taken to the Newborn ICU (NICU), moms have the option to breastfeed if their baby is able. Certified lactation consultants and trained nurses are available to help with breastfeeding when needed. A mom can also provide breast milk to the baby by pumping while in the Family Care Unit. We offer a hospital-grade pump and nursing support to help moms successfully feed their baby breast milk. When a mom is discharged, she can continue to pump at home and provide breast milk to her baby.

Free Breastfeeding Classes

Each year, Tallahassee Memorial offers a free breastfeeding class for expecting and new mothers to learn the basics of breastfeeding. The class is typically offered at our annual Baby & Family Fair event.

Milk with Mommy: Free Breastfeeding Support Group

Milk with Mommy is a free breastfeeding support group that meets twice a week and is led by a certified lactation consultant. Milk with Mommy is open to expecting mothers and anyone in the community. It offers a casual environment for moms and babies to connect with each other. Since measuring how much milk a baby receives can be a challenge when breastfeeding, we provide an infant scale to weigh a baby before and after feeding. This venue also provides a social outlet for moms during their transition after delivery.

Moms and babies are welcome to stop by A Woman’s Place located at 1301 East Sixth Avenue on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:30 a.m. and noon for the open group. Questions? Call 431-4928.

Often Milk with Mommy hosts special guests to help moms and babies, including:

  • A music therapist to demonstrate how music and play can encourage baby’s learning while having fun
  • A pediatric physical therapist to review importance of tummy time and strategies to incorporate supervised tummy time into your baby’s daily routine along with some important tips on how to encourage healthy practices for your baby’s physical developmental milestones
  • An adult physical therapist to discuss pelvic health, including normal healing and function for moms after delivery
  • A registered dietitian to discuss "healthy eating on the go" for new moms and "starting solids" for babies
  • A pediatric ARNP to review a variety of topics, like FAQ regarding respiratory cold/flu or vaccinations