Newborn ICU (NICU)

We offer the region’s only neonatal intensive care unit or newborn ICU (NICU). The Women’s Pavilion has two NICUs. Our Level-III unit is for critical care babies and our Level-II unit is a step-down or intermediate care unit. Each year our NICU team cares for over 600 babies.

The NICU offers a 19-bed Level-III unit and a 13-bed Level-II unit. A neonatal transport team of highly trained nurses and respiratory therapists is on-call 24 hours a day to bring premature and/or sick babies from area hospitals and centers to our Women’s Pavilion.

Our NICU is also equipped with four nesting rooms to help with the transition before going home. For families located out of town or learning to use medical equipment or administer medication, the transition rooms allow families to be together overnight with the support of our NICU team nearby.

Who Needs the NICU?

One in 10 babies born require higher-level specialized care in a NICU. Whether they arrived too soon or have health problems at birth, take comfort in knowing that Tallahassee Memorial has the region’s only Level-III NICU within 150 miles.

The NICU Team

Our neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, specially trained nurses, social workers, dietitians, respiratory, physical and music therapists and NICU staff are dedicated to providing babies with the highest level of specialized care.

Parents are recognized as part of the healthcare team and are involved in the decisions made regarding the care of their baby. We do everything possible to keep you and your family close to your infant if he or she must be in the hospital, including promoting skin-to-skin time or kangaroo care. Kangaroo care helps babies gain weight faster and respond better to early treatments so they can go home sooner.

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