Physician Partners - Metabolic Health Center

Physician Partners - Metabolic Health Center specializes in providing individualized, team-based care for people with chronic conditions under one roof. This team is made up of a unique partnership between medical specialists, registered dietitians, diabetes educators and behaviorists. Patients can receive the highest level of care from board-certified physicians, staff, and an educational program recognized for quality diabetes education since 1995.

Our Services

Endocrinology and Diabetes Management

Our endocrinology team evaluates and treats patients with diseases and disorders of the endocrine glands such as osteoporosis, hypothyroidism, diabetes and other hormone related conditions. As a team we work with patients and their healthcare provider to help lower their risk for long-term complications. We explain how to control their diabetes and formulate a plan that’s right for them. Learn more about Endocrinology and Diabetes Management

Diabetes Education

Our team of Certified Diabetes Educators work with patients diagnosed with diabetes to help support and train them on a variety of diabetes-related topics. These can include: healthy meal planning, checking blood sugars, taking insulin, physical activity, managing stress, starting on insulin pumps and sensors. Individual sessions and group classes are offered at a variety of times to help meet the patient’s needs. Learn more about Diabetes Education

Bariatrics and Weight Management

Our bariatric team offers a multidisciplinary, medical approach to help patients make tailored lifestyle changes that maintain their success long-term. Led by our board certified bariatrician, our team focuses on educating and empowering each patient to participate in their treatment plan. The program offers individual lifestyle treatment, mealreplacement with Optifast and bariatric surgery support. Learn more about Bariatrics and Weight Management

Lipid and Cholesterol Management

Our lipid management team works with patients and their healthcare provider in the management of complex lipid disorders. These services include specific diagnosis and management of lipid disorders, advanced lipid testing, combination lipid-lowering medications (including non-statin alternatives), therapeutic lifestyle change, patient education and nutrition counseling.  Learn more about Lipid and Cholesterol Management

Our Providers