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With the leadership of our experienced radiation oncology team, Tallahassee Memorial offers the most advanced radiation therapy program in the Big Bend region. Our physicians use high-energy particles and waves to destroy or damage cancer cells. 

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Radiation may be delivered by a machine outside the body, which is called external-beam radiation therapy, or it may come from radioactive material placed within the body near cancer cells, termed internal radiation therapy. About half of all oncology patients receive some type of radiation therapy during the course of their treatment. For those with brain tumors or lesions on the the brain, radiation oncologists work closely with neurosurgeons to develop treatment plans. 

The Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center is home to the region’s most advanced radiosurgery system – the Novalis Tx. It treats cancerous and non-cancerous conditions of the entire body with one-of-a-kind shaped-beam technology. Shaping the beam precisely to a patient’s tumor ensures that the prescribed treatment dose is delivered while healthy tissue is protected.

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