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Animal Therapy

Tallahassee Memorial Animal Therapy
The relationship between people and animals can have a profound effect on human health. Therapy animals can help calm and motivate patients and engage otherwise unresponsive ones. Tallahassee Memorial Animal Therapy interacts with diverse clients to provide improved mental health, motivation, recreation, education, rehabilitation, pain management, and other therapeutic services to a wide variety of facilities within the Leon County/Big Bend area.

Our Services
The teams visit long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, day care centers for adults with limited abilities, public schools, hospices, libraries, bookstores and courthouses.

Rikki and Arnold
Rikki is a golden retriever that was rescued from the floodwaters outside of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She is also one-half of an animal therapy team that provides services to retirement homes, hospitals, and other facilities. Read the story of how a persistent Rikki unlocked the mind of a patient with multiple personality disorder.

More Information
Contact Us
Tallahassee Memorial Animal Therapy
Stephanie Perkins
Program Coordinator
(850) 431-5331