Expecting Mothers

We know you may be concerned about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it may impact your delivery at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH). At the Tallahassee Memorial Alexander D. Brickler, MD Women’s Pavilion, ensuring mothers and their babies are cared for in a safe, healthy and caring environment is our greatest concern.

To support and protect our families, our visitor policy allows for one healthy adult visitor per mother in the Alexander D. Brickler, MD Women’s Pavilion, encompassing our Triage, Labor & Delivery, Family Care and Antenatal Care Units. This one visitor must be the same individual for the mother’s entire hospitalization.

Please see below for additional details regarding our Women’s Pavilion visitor policy.

  • All visitors must enter through the Women’s Pavilion.
  • Patients will be allowed one dedicated visitor for the duration of their stay.
  • Mothers admitted to the Women’s Pavilion will be allowed one care partner to stay overnight.
  • For Labor & Delivery, a doula is not deemed a visitor, but part of the care provider team serving the patient.
  • The only time both parents and/or mom and care partner may visit at the same time in the NICU will be the first time a mom is wheeled from Labor & Deliver to the Family Care Unit and they are brought into the NICU. Otherwise, they may only visit one at a time.

Review the full visitor policy and below for answers to additional questions you may have. We encourage you to discuss this policy with your obstetricians and incorporate it into your birth plans. For more details regarding what to expect download our labor and delivery frequently asked questions guide here.



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Frequently Asked Questions


Does my one visitor need to be the same person for my entire hospitalization?

Yes. Your one visitor must be the same individual for the duration of your stay in the Women’s Pavilion.


How do you determine if a patient or visitor is healthy?

Every patient and visitor will be asked screening questions prior to entry into the Women’s Pavilion. If there is any concern for the health and safety of our patients, staff or other visitors, the individual will be directed to further evaluation and possible testing, to establish a plan of care. Visitors who do not pass their health screening may not be allowed to visit the Women’s Pavilion.


Do my visitor and I need to wear protective face masks when in the Women’s Pavilion?

  • Yes. Patients are asked to wear masks anytime in the Women’s Pavilion common areas or while being transported, as well as in their patient rooms under the following conditions:
    • You are able to tolerate wearing a mask (e.g. you can breathe comfortably and wearing the mask does not create any irritation or obstruction).
    • There are others in the patient room. The patient does not need to wear a mask while alone or sleeping.
  • Visitors must also wear masks at all times.
  • If you and your visitor do not have a mask, one will be provided upon entry to the Women’s Pavilion. 


Does my doula count as my one visitor?

No. For Labor & Delivery, a doula is not deemed a visitor, but part of the care provider team serving the patient. Thus, one doula is permitted in addition to the patient’s one visitor.


Will COVID-19 impact my cesarean section?

Cesarean sections will continue to be performed where indicated after a discussion between the patient and her provider. Additional precautions are in place to protect patients, their support persons and the healthcare providers when COVID-19 is known or suspected. Appropriate steps are also in place to protect our healthy patients and their support persons.


Can my support person leave and get food or have food delivered?

  • Yes. Your support person may leave the Women’s Pavilion to retrieve any necessary items, like food. TMH’s cafeteria, Café 1300, is also open for visitors to purchase snacks and meals.
  • You may also have food delivered, but must arrange for your support person to collect it from outside the Women’s Pavilion, as it cannot be delivered to the patient care floor or patient room at this time. 


Can my children visit me in the hospital?

Children under 16 are not allowed access to the Women’s Pavilion at this time. This is for the safety of our patients, families and staff. We encourage you to call, FaceTime or use the platform of your choosing to make those connections with your children during your hospitalization.


Can I record or video stream my delivery?

We encourage patients to use virtual methods to connect with their loved ones during their hospital stay. The hospital does have a recording/photograph policy prohibiting recording our providers and staff. This must be maintained and will be discussed during the admission process.


Are you currently offering tours of the Women’s Pavilion?

While we’re unable to offer in-person tours of the Women’s Pavilion at this time, we have created a virtual tour to help you prepare for your delivery. Watch the Women's Pavilion Virtual Tour.

What do I do if I have respiratory symptoms and am currently pregnant?

  • Please refer to Leon County Department of Health, the CDC and/or TMH.ORG/Coronavirus for the most up-to-date information regarding screening and evaluation of patients with respiratory symptoms.
  • In general, if you have non-emergent respiratory symptoms (with no concerning signs or symptoms related to your pregnancy), please call your primary care provider to determine if you should be tested for COVID-19 or another respiratory illness.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms and obstetrical concerns including, but not limited to, loss of fluid, vaginal bleeding, contractions or decreased fetal movement, please CALL TMH’s Labor & Delivery Triage Unit at 850-431-0150 to let us know that you are on your way, so we can have staff prepared to meet and escort you to a patient room for further assessment and evaluation.
  • As always, if you have any obstetrical concerns and/or have been directed to the Labor & Delivery Unit by your provider, please proceed to the Women’s Pavilion. We are here and happy to help 24 hours a day.