COVID-19 Response: Help expand Telemedicine

Thanks to generous people like you, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) will save lives as our community responds to COVID-19.

TMH Carelink, our telemedicine network, can significantly reduce the risk of infection for patients and healthcare providers, but we need your help. With this technology, patients can see a doctor from the safety of their home through a secure connection on their computer or mobile device.

A generous donation from Culpepper Construction Company has provided 10 new telemedicine units, but the need is even greater. In just two days, TMH received 35 requests from healthcare providers who want to make telemedicine available to their patients. We don’t have the equipment to meet the demand. Can you help?

TMH Team using TMH CarelinkWe need to purchase and deploy 30 additional telemedicine units as soon as possible. A gift of any amount will help, but we can save many lives for $3,000. That’s the cost of one telemedicine unit with a webcam, tablet, hospital-grade cart, speaker, and Bluetooth stethoscope.

With COVID-19 and the need to keep people isolated, telemedicine will be the perfect tool to give people access to the care they need. Here are a few examples of how telemedicine reduces risks:

  • Doctors, who are in the safety of their offices, are working remotely to assist with our community’s COVID-19 drive-thru sample collection site at Northwood Centre and at the Bixler Emergency Center.
  • People with cancer, who are particularly vulnerable to infection, can consult with their doctors via telemedicine, instead of visiting Tallahassee Memorial Cancer Center.
  • A mother worried about visiting her infant in the Tallahassee Memorial Newborn ICU can see her baby and talk to doctors with telemedicine.
  • A stroke survivor can continue speech therapy from the safety of his home.
  • People experiencing anxiety and depression can quickly connect to someone at the Tallahassee Memorial Behavioral Health Center.

Everyone is looking for ways to help our community right now. Your support has made telemedicine, which is 100% community funded, available in several units of the hospital, but we must do more. With your help, we can put telemedicine units in nursing homes, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, and other facilities to ensure patients have access to care while keeping them safe.

Will you help save lives with a gift supporting TMH Carelink?

Your gift of any amount will help bring this life-saving technology to more patients, but here are a few examples of how you can make a difference:

  • $3,000 underwrites the total cost of one telemedicine unit.
  • $800 will provide a Microsoft Surface Pro used in each unit.
  • $300 will underwrite the cost of a Bluetooth stethoscope.
  • $80 will provide a speaker for a telemedicine unit.