Sponsor a HealthCare Hero

The physicians, nurses, patient care assistants, respiratory therapists and environmental services staff working at TMH to care for our patients with COVID-19 endure incredible stress and make enormous personal sacrifices to care for our community. They are exhausted and worn, physically and emotionally, after more than a year and a half of being on the front lines of the pandemic.

Bring them care and relief with a gift through the TMH Foundation to support HealthCare Heroes.


HealthCare Heroes

As our community experiences the highest number yet of hospital inpatients with COVID-19, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Heroes are on the front lines of a grueling battle.


It’s not an overstatement to say that fighting COVID-19 has been like a war for healthcare professionals. They are suiting up in PPE every day and entering the trenches to provide the best care possible for their patients. They’ve saved many lives, and they’ve been there to stand in for family members and friends to hold patients’ hands in their final hours.


All of this takes an enormous physical and emotional toll.


As Dean Watson, chief integration officer at TMH, said recently in the Tallahassee Democrat, we are all “beside ourselves with sadness, with angst, watching these people suffer in the hospital when a majority of these could have been home safe, healthy and doing well.”


TMH enacted its COVID-19 Emergency Operations Plan on Tuesday, August 3, to address the spike in COVID-19 cases. Part of that plan includes ensuring that we’re doing everything we can to care for HealthCare Heroes’ emotional and physical needs as they give their all to caring for our community’s sickest patients.


You can show HealthCare Heroes your care and support with a gift through the TMH Foundation.


Your gift will go toward measures to provide comfort, care and relief to HealthCare Heroes. For $500, for example, you can provide a meal for every hero working in the COVID-19 unit for one day.


Here are some of the ways your gift will be used to care for our community’s caregivers:


  • Providing dinners and lunches for HealthCare Heroes working in the COVID-19 unit.
  • Providing take-home meals so that HealthCare Heroes don’t have to worry about cooking for their families.
  • Equipping staff respite rooms with supplies such as lip balms, snacks, energy drinks, aroma therapy and other relaxation tools to make heroes’ breaks more restful and recharging.
  • Providing Music Therapy and Animal Therapy for HealthCare Heroes in the respite rooms.
  • Arranging to have members of the Tallahassee Memorial Spiritual Care Team present for HealthCare Heroes who need their support.
  • Providing heroes gift cards to local restaurants.


Any gift amount will encourage HealthCare Heroes and help keep them going!


Thank you to our beautiful community for your ongoing support during the pandemic. Your generosity is truly making a difference for HealthCare Heroes! They see your love and kindess, and they know that you have their backs. You don't know how much they need that!


Questions? Contact Nigel Allen at Nigel.Allen@TMH.ORG or 850-431-5752.