Sponsor a HealthCare Hero

The physicians, nurses, patient care assistants, respiratory therapists and environmental services staff working in the Tallahassee Memorial COVID-19 unit endure incredible stress and make enormous sacrifices to care for our community. Show them you care with a gift to support HealthCare Heroes.


HealthCare Heroes

HealthCare Heroes work 12-hour shifts in full personal protective equipment. They end each day drenched in sweat and physically and emotionally exhausted. They have saved lives and held patients’ hands in their final hours.

Will you bring relief to these heroes?

Your gift will go toward measures to provide comfort, care and relief to HealthCare Heroes at TMH. For $500, for example, you can provide a meal for every hero working in the COVID-19 unit for one day.


Any gift amount will encourage HealthCare Heroes and help keep them going! Thank you.

Questions? Contact Becky Harnden at Becky.Harnden@TMH.ORG or 850-431-5698.