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Submitting to the Institutional Review Board


All documents for TMH IRB review must be submitted through iMedris, TMH’s web-based submission platform. Access iMedris

Registration for iMedris

To request a new user account in iMedris, please submit a request to the Office of IRB at IRBOffice@tmh.org. You must include the following information in your request:

  • Name (first, last)
  • Institution: TMH, private practice, or University (if part of a TMH residency program, please select TMH)
  • Division: Select your clinical division within your institution
  • Preferred email contact
  • Preferred phone number

Training Requirements

All study team members (Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Research Nurses and Coordinators, etc.) must complete TMH required research training prior to IRB Review. To complete this training:

CITI Program

Go to CITI Program.

Already have an account?

  1. Sign in using your existing account.
  2. Click Add Affiliation.
  3. Select Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare.
  4. Follow the prompts and see guidance regarding course selections below.

New Users

  1. Select: Register
  2. Select: Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
  3. Select: Agree to Terms of Service
  4. Select: Affirm affiliation with TMH
  5. Enter personal information
  6. Create Username, Password, Security Answer
  7. Select USA, answer contact question
  8. Indicate if you want CE credits (if selecting yes, provide contact info)


Answer questions to select curriculum: See below.

CITI Module Questions



Research Coordinator/Nurse

Q1: Human Subjects Research (HSR)

Biomedical Researchers

Biomedical Researchers

Research Coordinators

Questions 2, 3, 4

Not at this time

Q5: Good Clinical Practice

Select NIH-Funded Investigators and staff – Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

[required for drug/device research]


Select GCP – Social and Behavioral Research for Clinical Research

[required for non-drug/device research]

Q14: Biomedical PI

All New PIs (never a PI at TMH before) of greater than minimal risk biomedical research are required to complete this course.

All others select:

Not at this time.

Not at this time

Not at this time