Construction at Tallahassee Memorial

As we constantly continue to improve our campus, we’re excited to share the upcoming construction projects at Tallahassee Memorial. Please see below for updates on all our construction projects.

M.T. Mustian Center Update - Time Lapse Construction Video

Ground Floor Connection to Main Hospital

M.T. Mustian Center Update - February 2019

Construction of the ground floor connection between the main hospital and M.T. Mustian Center continues.
Landscaping of interior and lobby gardens continue.

Ground Floor Connection to Main Hospital


Garden Landscaping


Aerial Photo



M.T. Mustian Center Update - January 2019

Details are being finalized throughout the building.
Work on the colleague entrance continues with excavation, removal of the breezeway roof, and utility work.

Ground Floor Lobby



M.T. Mustian Center Update - November 2018


  • Foundations for single story portion of building (e.g. fire command center; security office) in progress


  • East elevation EIFS nearing completion with stair M1 remaining


  • Glass railing install underway
  • Terrazzo polishing underway
  • Furniture install in process in Registration / Scheduling space

Third, Fourth, Fifth:

  • Network connectivity in process

Colleague Entrance:

  • Demolition well underway (demolition should be complete mid-December)

Mustian Nov 18 1st Floor Mezzanine

1st Floor Mezzanine


Mustian Nov 18 Demolition by Facilities  Ground Cwing

Demolition by Facilities - Ground C Wing


Mustian Nov 18 Drop off canopy

Drop off canopy


Mustian Nov 18 Exterior Garden

Exterior Garden


M.T. Mustian Center Update - October 2018


  • Asphalt paving underway for front surface lot


  • EIFS nearing completion on south elevation
  • EIFS team preparing to move to the east elevation


  • Flooring installed in Prep / Pack
  • Continuing with Belimed equipment installation


  • AHCA PreOp / PACU 95% inspection scheduled for 10/08/2018


  • Ceiling grid in first floor family waiting area


  • Finalizing details in anticipation of AHCA final 10/08/2018


  • CT room nearing completion


  • Installing casework


  • Terrazzo installation underway

Cut-Throughs / Connections:

  • Cut made through bed storage for ground floor vestibule from parking garage
  • Cut-throughs on all floors complete; finish work underway


Oct 18 5th floor ICU

5th Floor ICU

Oct 18 CT Room

CT Room

Oct 18 Ground Lobby

Ground Floor

Oct 18 South Facade

South Facade

M.T. Mustian Center Update - September 2018


  • Parking lot work underway


  • Continuing to complete exterior finishes, including the drop-off canopy at the main entrance


  • Flooring: Complete in Sterile Processing
  • Belimed equipment install underway in Sterile Processing


  • AHCA final inspection completed 08/27/2018 for ORs
  • Installing flooring in Ground Floor PreOp and PACU


  • AHCA final inspection completed 08/27/2018 for PreOp / PACU
  • Preparing for 09/17/2018 inspection of ORs
  • Cut-through complete to main hospital


  • Finalizing details in anticipation of AHCA final inspection 10/08/2018
  • Cut-through in process to main hospital


  • Finalizing CT room
  • Cut-through in process to main hospital


  • Completing overhead work
  • Ceiling grid install in process
  • Cut-through in process to main hospital



M.T. Mustian Center Update - August 2018

  • Curb and gutter underway; grading activities continue toward the main entry; paving to follow
  • Completing two-story curtainwall at main entry; entry vestibule curtainwall will follow
  • EIFS installation along south elevation underway


  • Supply Chain functioning in turned over spaces; working through issue log


  • Preparing for ceiling grid in atrium
  • ORs:
    • NIRs: In-wall rough-in wrapping up; drywall will begin
    • ORs: Boom installs continue


  • ORs: Boom installs continue
  • PreOp / PACU:
    • Finishing work in process
    • Flooring wrapping up in PreOp, moving to PACU
    • Cut through end of c-wing to make connection


  • Installing casework in patient rooms; pharmacy casework installed
  • Flooring will begin


  • Completing light fixture install; painting walls
  • CT: Hanging walls


  • Wrapping up drywall
  • Preparing for ceiling grid
  • Completing overhead rough-ins



M.T. Mustian Center Update - July 2018


  • Preparing to place early egress sidewalk and constructing ground floor egress ‘bridge’ (in advance of basement occupancy)
  • Loading dock finish work wrapping up; one concrete slab placement remains

Basement Floor:

  • Finalizing testing and inspections; Supply Chain occupancy scheduled for 07/30/2018

Ground Floor:

  • OR boom install and install of mounts for A/V integration system underway
  • Surgical Care Unit (Pre/Post Op) flooring commencing
  • Recovery (PACU) countertop install underway

First Floor:

  • OR flooring installation underway in preparation for boom install
  • Surgical Care Unit (Pre/Post Op) flooring 50% complete; installing headwall trim kits; pulling low voltage cable
  • Recovery (PACU) headwall trim kit install underway; pulling low voltage cable; preparing to start flooring

Third Floor:

  • Installing casework
  • Preparing for headwall trim kit install

Fourth Floor:

  • Ceiling grid install underway
  • Light fixture install underway

Fifth Floor:

  • Wrapping up overhead / above ceiling work
Future Front Lobby of M.T. Mustian Center
Front Lobby Windows - M.T. Mustian Center
Hallway - M.T. Mustian Center
Operating Room with Equipment - M.T. Mustian Center
Elevator Q - M.T. Mustian Center
Overlooking Lobby - M.T. Mustian Center


M.T. Mustian Center Update - June 2018


  • Concrete placement underway for waste and loading docks and final grading in process in advance of concrete placement over next few weeks.
  • Southeast corner completion in progress; finish work on exterior skin continues.
  • Basement flooring installation nearly complete in preparation for turnover of supply chain areas to TMH. Final work on paint, ceiling tile and signage in progress.
  • Surgery and ICU floors: Trim-out work in progress.
  • Elevators beginning to come online.
  • Interior:
    • Ground through fifth floors - Work continues on flooring, ceiling and cabinetry.


  • Basement occupancy planned for July 30 (supply chain/receiving dock/waste dock) and life-safety testing underway.

Below: The Exterior South Facade

MT Mustian June 2018  Exterior South Facade


M.T. Mustian Center Update - May 2018


  • Basement occupancy will occur early August. Final preparations for AHCA 80 percent inspection week of first week of June.
  • Tentative dates have been identified for AHCA inspections of each area as they are completed.
  • Work is underway to establish the network and equipment/furnishings have been ordered.
  • Flooring for space to be turned over is in place.
  • Space is air-conditioned.
  • Loading dock grading has been completed. Loading/waste dock concrete should be poured by first week of June.
  • Finish work continues around the exterior. Exterior finish work continues in the interior garden.
  • Work to establish the connection between the existing hospital and the M.T. Mustian Center has begun (at the end of C-wing). The opening has been cut on the 2nd floor. Dates for cutting the opening on the remaining floors (Ground, 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th) not yet determined.
  • Interior Updates:
    • Ground floor- Flooring install continues in OR suite and light fixture install underway in Surgical Care Unit and Recovery.
    • First floor- Scrub sink install underway in OR suiteand ceiling grid install wrapping up.
    • Third floor- Ceiling grid install wrapping up.
    • Fourth floor- Ceiling grid install underway.
    • Fifth floor- Hanging/finishing drywall.


  • System work in various affected applications is underway.
  • Committees met May 8 — 9 to review tasks and schedule-out assignment deadlines.
    • Committees: Communications, IT/Telecommunications, Orientation/Education, Patient Care, Support Services and Steering.

Below: Surgery Corridor

MT Mustian May 2018  Surgery Cooridor


M.T. Mustian Center Update - April 2018


  • The basement is furthest along in preparation for partial occupancy this summer (includes supply chain offices, main warehouse, central supply and waste and loading docks). Basement floor preparation in process for flooring installation.
  • Ground and first floors progressing with drywall finishing, headwalls are in place in the Surgical Care and Recovery Unit, and one operating room is already outfitted with surgical booms.
  • Floors three, four and five are progressing from the bottom up; drywall finishing is underway, headwalls installed, and patient lift installation is progressing.
  • Site work starting in earnest at truck plaza; anticipate concrete paving complete by first week of June (weather permitting).
  • Waterproofing and exterior finishing continues around the building.
  • Ceiling grid installation in process throughout; several areas have lighting and exit signs installed; exciters (for wireless tracking) are being installed.

Efforts leading to occupancy:

  • The project team (consisting of 12 people) continues to work on design and implementation of technologies, as well as a review of drawings and equipment in advance of purchase and installation.
  • The transition/activation planner, who will lead us through the readiness and move activities, is on-board and actively working with TMH to establish a plan.
  • Purchasing underway, primarily to support the future network as well as items to be installed by the general contractor.
  • Focus group meetings have been completed with various groups of colleagues and committees have been established to support the overall effort in the transition process.

M T Mustian April 2018


M.T. Mustian Center Update - February 2018


  • Skin installation continues
  • Roof on ICU section of building nearly dried-in
  • Sitework activities continue


  • Drywall hanging progressing throughout building, and is nearly complete in several areas
  • Ceiling grid installation continuing
  • Booms / lights will be installed on one OR for AHCA inspection
  • Tile installation has begun in bathrooms



M.T. Mustian Center Update - January 2018


  • Installation of framing / sheathing / windows are near completion. 
  • Exterior finishing work continues.


  • Elevator installation underway.
  • Drywall installation continues throughout building, with some areas being primed / painted.
  • Ceiling work underway (including hard ceilings in ORs and ceiling tiles elsewhere).

M.T. Mustian Center - January 2018

M.T. Mustian Center Update - October 2017


  • Framing (metal studs) and in-wall rough ins (electrical receptacles, etc.) continue throughout the building
  • Elevator installation beginning


  • Loading dock slabs placed
  • Sheathing continues
  • Grading for bridge garden complete


M.T. Mustian Center Update - August 2017

Surgery Center: Interior framing and drywall installation continues.
ICU: Steel continues, and will be completed soon; interior framing is also underway.
Basement: Concrete slabs are being poured.
Exterior: Waterproofing and sheathing continue.

M.T. Mustian Center - August 2017


M.T. Mustian Center Update - July 2017

Window installation is underway. ICU steel nearing completion; floor decking continues. Surgery interior construction continues, with drywall beginning soon. New helipad nearly complete (separate project); will serve as primary location.



M.T. Mustian Center Update - June 2017

Steel placement for the ICU continues. Roofing installation is underway over the surgery unit. Exterior sheathing continues in preparation for window installation.

MT Mustian Center - June 2017

M.T. Mustian Center Update - May 2017

Interior wall framing for the surgery center continues. Work continues with above-ceiling construction (ductwork, electrical and network conduits, etc.). The steel beam placement is continuing for the ICU area.

M T Mustian Surgery052417


Magnolia Lobby Entrance Construction

As we continue to improve our campus, we’re excited to share the next phase of renovation at Tallahassee Memorial will be the Magnolia Lobby entrance of the hospital. Construction begins on Monday, May 15 and will take six months to complete.

The Magnolia Lobby entry and parking lot entrance, off of Miccosukee Road, will be closed during this time. Parking for the Internal Medicine Residency Program and drop off for the Professional Office Buildings can still be accessed through Centerville Road (near Seventh Avenue).

We will continue to share progress and updates over the next few months.

Magnolia Lobby Construction


M.T. Mustian Center Update - April 2017

  • Steel and slab placement (concrete) continue
  • Exterior wall framing and interior layout on ground floor in process


MT Mustian Center - April 2017


M.T. Mustian Center Update - March 2017

  • Foundation walls complete
  • Completing remaining pile caps
  • Steel placement continues (basement and surgery floors)
  • Concrete placement underway



M.T. Mustian Center Update - February 2017

Structural steel work continues for the basement and two story floors; ICU tower will follow.





In the News: M.T. Mustian Center to Be Transformative Building

The construction for the M.T. Mustian Center was recently featured on the website:

"Designed to serve the community for decades to come, the $250 million M.T. Mustian Center is under construction in Tallahassee, Fla. The five-story, 340,000 sq. ft. (31,587 sq m) addition will be located at the southeast corner of the Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) campus, near the corner of Miccosukee Road and Medical Drive.

From start of construction, the project is estimated to take 30 months to complete. Crews are still early in the process. Over the next six months, workers will complete excavation, deep foundations, structural steel and the placement of floor slabs."


M.T. Mustian Center Update - December 2016

Construction on the M.T. Mustian Center continues. The basement retaining wall construction is nearly complete. The elevator pits are dug and crews are continuing to work on the augercast pile placement.

M.T. Mustian Center Construction Area


Groundbreaking for the M.T. Mustian Center

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare broke ground on the new adult ICU and surgery expansion - the M.T. Mustian Center. Check out some amazing stories and what to expect in the new facility.

Site Plan Application filed with City of Tallahassee

2/11/2016 - This morning Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare representatives filed a series of drawings that constitute (with other supporting documents) the formal Site Plan Application for the M. T. Mustian Center. TMH representatives will meet with City officials next Thursday for the first official review of the project.

Notice: Changes to the Future Land Use Map Designation

The Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department has requested changes to the Future Land Use Map designation for certain parcels near Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in order to conform the map with existing uses of the properties, the ownership of the properties and existing zoning. 

View the Changes